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22 responses to “Resources

  1. I recovered from MCS, EMF sensitivity, and ES. I was really really bad so that I couldn’t drive a car, or go out anywhere without getting horribly sick. I’m now so well that I can shop in big box stores and drive, and hug people who are doused in chemicals, etc. I still can’t stand the fertilizer department of Home Depot, but if I have to go there, I can still have a reasonably good rest of my day, and week. Anyway, I wanted to tell you it’s possible! Bless you!

  2. I used RBTI with the addition of aspects of the Klinghardt neurotoxin elimination protocol. I was in massive liver stress that was undetectable by normal bloodwork.

  3. It’s very “underground”. It’s a simple nutritional program that remineralizes the body and heals the liver and other organs. Saved my life and also reversed autism spectrum in all my affected kids. is a good place for information.

    • Thanks for sharing and that it has helped you and your kids. Maybe it will help others too. We are all so uniquely injured, it’s hard to find the right mix of tools and methods to heal us… but we do have to know they exist so that we have a better chance of finding the ones that work for us.

      It would help is there were more health CARE professionals who understand as much as is known already, and are also willing to keep learning, so we have better guidance through the process(es). We don’t need close-minded egomaniacs who think they know it all.

      Chemical and mold injuries are relatively new, and there are so many chemicals in the mix (it seems the chems are also making molds more harmful than they were when naturally growing) and as a result, so many ways we get injured bio-chemically now.

      Anyway, it’s good to hear you have found things that work for you! (ps… posting it online here means it doesn’t stay “underground”).

      Some people have spent all their $ on things that didn’t help at all (Pamela Reed Gibson has documented this in her research)… so as with anything, what works for one person might not work for another (the same holds true for pharmaceuticals and mainstream doctors).

  4. Hey Linda
    If you would like a better system for organising all this helpful information, you could try listly. The lists can be embedded into ‘blog posts’ and ‘pages’. There is a widget that you install via a plugin (it’s free). Whenever, you update the list, at a later stage, the list gets updated to the latest version no matter where it’s embedded. Here is an example of one here:
    Other people can also embed the list on their blogs and sites but the owner remains the curator, if they choose.

    Just an idea I thought you might like

    Cheers Miche :)

    PS: I’m adding this page to the MCS Resources @ the-labyrinth ~ and finding my way out

    • Thanks Miche!
      I’ll look into it when my brain is having a good “learn how to do new things” day…
      So far, I’m doing a little better with “learning new things” every now and again, but the “to-do” (including new) stuff is still very slow and challenging and I have an ever growing list of things I need to do and learn to do…
      In the meantime, it’s great that you and others are already doing it!

  5. Do you know of any doctors who are good at treating people like us? I’m making a Listly list of doctors (globally) who are/or can go fragrance free, treat people with respect, and are able to give us treatment. Dentists too. This list is set up so anyone can add to it. I’m really only looking for people who’ve had personal, positive experiences with medical staff. Here’s the link:

    • One thing to note is that doctors who DO meet those criteria might not want to be on an internet list because the main medical associations (who are primarily into the oil, gas, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical model of “medicine) have a habit of harassing the good doctors and trying to put them out of business.

      See if you can get a hold of the film “The Tomato Effect” (or watch it online if it is available anywhere), as it describes some of this history, and there have been many other similar cases in more recent history.

  6. Hey Linda, I was wondering which shower filter do you use? I was looking at it’s laborious searching for one. The last one I had only removed chlorine/chloramines but then I found out there’s a plethora of other unhealthy chemicals in city water and I think the Crystal Quest looks good so far, just wanted your two cents and my water to not smell putrid anymore.

    • That looks like one I have used that had another brand name (many companies buy a product and attach their name to it). It was good. I should see if I can get one of their refills here in Canada.

      I have also used Aquasana, Aquasmart (the one for chloramines), Sprite, and another one whose name I don’t remember, and a Nimbus, I think. I’m not “married” to one brand over another and have gotten them based on availability and price at the time.

      Sometimes I have used 2 different ones together (one after the other) if the water was particularly bad. They last about 6 months at most.

      Recently (November/December maybe earlier) a company sent me 2 different ones they had and both had bad chemical odours inside that did not flush out (like un-cured epoxy glue in one, and something sickly sweet in the other). The filters were sealed into the plastic outer case (not refillable) and came without brand labels, so I don’t know if this is a widespread problem with many different types of filters now, or just from one factory. I haven’t had the energy to pursue it to that extent. Thankfully the new whole house filters are helping enough for the time being that it isn’t an urgent issue right now.

      I suggest returning any filter you don’t think is making a difference or if it emits any chemical or glue fumes.
      A good one will make a noticeable difference right away!

      • You are such an awesome human being! Thank you. Bought the Crystal Quest on Amazon so I could return it. Have you considered collecting your own rainwater?

        • Thanks, I try ;-)

          The rainwater here would be way too polluted with suburban dryer exhaust, airplane droppings (we are right under a flight path a few miles from the airport), and beside RR tracks (thankfully not too many trains as they are diesel, which is absolutely awful to breathe).

  7. did you have any problems getting odsp for chemical sensativity?

    • I had to go to tribunal by telephone with an advocate. I know of people who have not received it for MCS/ES but were approved with different dx, as well as people who were approved for MCS/ES. You can expect to have to be denied at the office level and then maybe be approved at Tribunal level.
      Ultimately it’s not really about the dx, (or shouldn’t be), it’s about how disabling it is in your daily living.
      Having doctors who understand and can fill the forms out to reflect the challenges is what seems to make the biggest difference.
      Sometimes detailed personal statements about our daily life and how having MCS/ES affects us can help shine light on the systemic discrimination and impossibility of going anywhere without being assaulted by the exposures that disable us.

  8. Good question Linda, both links were a PDF that had errors. I was on computer now on phone. Not sure exactly ones…L was looking for simple MCS handouts to share to general public, then to medical clinics etc. I’ll get back with you.

    • If it’s the links I copied from the other site, they may have changed them – the link to the site should be ok, and getting the pdf’s from there should hopefully work.

      My brain isn’t dealing well with focused work right now, I’ll try to remember to check them and edit this post later.

  9. Hi Linda, thank you for all the research you’ve done, my heart goes out to you. As for me, I recently got diagnosed with chronic lyme disease, and have chemical sensitivities. I’m being treated by the EcoHealth and Wellness Centre, and they have a bioresonance program that heals the body, and amazingly they’re local, in Mississauga. If you contacted them, they may be able to work with you even on the limited budget of ODSP. I’d love to hear if a day comes when you can go outside more. All the best, Jan

    • Hi Jan, I was wondering where Jozef Krop was practicing these days!
      I’m glad they are helping you there.
      I know in the past (before he retired his MD status) he helped a lot of people, especially kids (but not so much some of the women with severe MCS, which I have, especially the poor ones, which I am, and I’m housebound here near Ottawa now, with a series of practical obstacles preventing me from leaving, even locally, so seeing him is out for me).
      The good news is that I’ve implemented most of what they do that I can do on my own, so I’ve got that going for me, keeping me alive, somewhat…
      Poverty combined with a lack of practical assistance are probably the biggest accessibility obstacles to improvements…
      I wish you continued success with regaining your health!

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