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More and more courses, documentaries and reading materials are being offered online, and for free! This is great for those of us who are housebound and not independently wealthy, but still want to keep our minds open and growing…

When Brain Fog is an issue, learning at our own pace is possible with some courses, but I haven’t explored them all in any detail to see how many of the following ones can be taken at your own speed, or if schedules need to be maintained.

I would love to hear about your favorite resources, and especially those that will help prepare us for the challenges we are facing in this changing world (ie developing community, growing food, respecting resources, citizen empowerment, etc).

With apologies for the crappy formatting… I don’t “speak” code and all my efforts to change the spacing revert to this, no matter what I do or how. I have a lot to learn from these resources too!

Some of these I have checked out, but many were recommended by others.


Free Books

Free ebooks – Project Gutenberg



Best”selling” free books Nonfiction (fiction available too)

Free Popular Classics

If you don’t have a Kindle device, you can download Kindle for PC (free)

Internet Archive Text Archive

Open Library

Physics Database List of Free Science Books

The Open Knowledge Foundation

Hesperian Health Guides

Free Documentaries

Wall of Films | Films For Action

Videos and Animations on Grinning Planet

NFB National Film Board

Poets in Performance

PBS documentaries

Free Courses online

700 Free Online Courses from Top Universities


The best free cultural & educational media on the web

The best websites for free online courses from the world’s leading universities.
By: I (bleep)ing Love Neuroscience (from fb, I haven’t checked them all)

15. Free Courses Collection

Universal Class, Inc., online continuing ed® (Goodwill Community Foundation)
computer skills, English, math, career, life skills

Learn software, business, and creative skills
try it free for 7 days

Open Educational Resources  UNESCO


Compassionate Action

Empathy and Compassion in Society
Conference videos


Mind and Life Dialogues


Download 90 Free Philosophy Courses and Start Living the Examined Life


the Dalai Lama

the Karmapa

HE Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche and other great masters

Online Tibetan Buddhist Teachings & Resources

Articles and More

Environment and Human Health, Inc

Critical Thinking

Science and Research News

Science Daily


Environmental Health


Black Bears

Hinterland Who’s Who

Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds


Google Cultural Institute


(something I wish to explore – and these links grabbed my interest – please share your favorites)

Compassionate Action Network Storytelling Techniques


Unschooling Blogs and Websites

Project Gutenberg’s Children’s Bookshelf


The Center for a New American Dream
Resources including videos, books, tips, and commentary

The Center for Ecoliteracy

The Story of Stuff Curricula

Eradicating Ecocide toolkit

Environment and Human Rights

Free Webinar on Environmental Law and Global Governance

Museums and Galleries

(from Heather at Safe Canary Nest)

US National Gallery of Art
Tour an Ancient Roman Villa
The Museum of Unnatural History
American Museum of Natural History
The British Museum online collection
The Louvre online tour
Smithsonian Institution
National Women’s History Museum
The Frick Museum virtual tour
Boston Museum of Science
The Oriental Institute Museum Virtual Tour, U of Chicago
Mojave Desert virtual tour
World Wonders
Museum of Modern Art
Memorial Hall Online Collections
Google Cultural Institute

9 responses to “Free Online Learning and Documentaries

  1. This is AWESOME! I put a few links to this on the Safe Canary Nest Resource page. Thank you!

  2. Environmental film festival DCEFF 2020 Online

    Films Available March 17 – 31

  3. Updated:
    The Top 100 Documentaries We Can Use to Change the World
    A more beautiful, just and sustainable world is possible. Take this library and use it to inspire global change!

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