Current “safety” standards in North America leave a lot to be desired. We are all being exposed to unsafe levels of wireless radiation and there’s no sign of this changing anytime soon, despite the efforts of scientists and doctors who are urging more health protective policies and regulations.

There are adverse health effects that are not being reported or widely discussed in the medical field, except by a few researchers and doctors who have put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Some educational materials have been designed for  health professionals

(click on the title below):

Learning About the Health Effects of Wireless Technology

It’s up to us to inform ourselves and take whatever precautions we can. Here are  tips  for actions you can take and sources for more information.

Ways to Reduce EMR Exposure

Ways to Reduce EMR Exposure


These tips are good for everyone, not just those who are expecting:

ways_to_reduce_wireless_exposure 2

The BabySafe Project

PDF booklet available:

Wireless Radiation and Your Baby

Mobile phones affect sperm quality

Save The Male

Autism and EMF?

Plausibility of a pathophysiological link:

Part 1



Part 2



The BioInitiative Report is a compilation of research. The link to the conclusions is below.

BioInitiative 2012BioInitiative Report Conclusions

Expert submissions to the LAUSD  (Los Angeles Unified School District) regarding wireless in schools:


Mobile phones analyzed for 35 different chemicals and elements

Diagnosing Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and “The effects of invisible waves” 

Cell Phones, Radiation & Your Child’s Health

An Act To Create the Children’s Wireless Protection Act
Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows…


There are so many other resources available for science geeks, and if you follow some of the above links, you will find many of them. There are far too many to list here, but the 5 and 10 steps to reduce exposures are simple enough things everyone can and should do.

We run into problems if we want or need to completely eliminate exposures. There are currently no laws to prevent wireless trespass, so wireless signals from outside sources can and do come through our walls, into the privacy of our own homes. For the people who are completely disabled by wireless radiation (sometimes called Microwave Sickness, or EHS), there is often no safe place to go unless one has access to resources many of us do not have access to, and man-made frequency-free places are few and far between (cell towers and “smart” meters are almost everywhere now).

We have an urgent medical and disability related accessibility need for areas that have no wireless radiation, dirty electricity, or other sources of high electrical and radio frequency fields, just like we need areas without toxic chemical use for those with MCS/ES (there is some overlap here too, as Dr Rae from the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, and the doctors at Women’s College Hospital’s Environmental Health Clinic have discovered and are teaching).

We are witnessing the same thing with wireless standards that has happened with tobacco, toxic chemicals, asbestos, lead, GMOs, and many other harmful substances. Industries (usually quite profitable even without the taxpayer subsidies they receive) have polluted our air, water, food and bodies with unnatural substances that are now causing epidemics of disease and disability. We need to rewrite the laws of our countries to ensure we all have the right to a healthy environment (check out the Blue Dot Tour). Until that happens, we need to do everything in our power to protect ourselves, each other, and future generations. The alternatives are literally to die for. Let’s choose life!

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  2. EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses

    “Chronic diseases and illnesses associated with non-specific symptoms are on the rise. In addition to chronic stress in social and work environments, physical and chemical exposures at home, at work, and during leisure activities are causal or contributing environmental stressors that deserve attention by the general practitioner as well as by all other members of the health care community. It seems necessary now to take “new exposures” like electromagnetic fields (EMF) into account.

    Physicians are increasingly confronted with health problems from unidentified causes. Studies, empirical observations, and patient reports clearly indicate interactions between EMF exposure and health problems. Individual susceptibility and environmental factors are frequently neglected. New wireless technologies and applications have been introduced without any certainty about their health effects, raising new challenges for medicine and society.” …


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  4. Patricia Burke

    thank you for your site Linda, are you by any chance in MA? We are trying to pass a smart meter opt out bill here now tp help protect the ES population…. (n 2017)

  5. from Environmental Health Trust

    Electromagnetic Sensitivity also known as Microwave Sickness


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