New Photography Exhibit in May with a Special Video on May 12th

“Air on the Side of Caution”

From Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba:

On May 1st, 2020 Marie LeBlanc’s Exhibition, “Air on the Side of Caution” will be available to view in full on AANM’s website ( and we will be posting one image from the show everyday on this event page.


Guest Post from Marie LeBlanc:

I would like to invite you to my online art show called “Air on the Side of Caution“, hosted by the Arts and AccessAbility Network Manitoba during the month of May. This will be Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba’s first online art show.

I will be sharing one photograph a day and on May 12  I will share the short film that I submitted to the World Health Organization’s Health for All contest through Film Free Way earlier this year, asking for awareness and acknowledgement for MCS/environmental illness/environmental sensitivities.

Here is the event link:

AANM will be adding more in the Event’s discussion tab:

Here’s the trailer for the film:

Also in May:

May is MCS awareness month. May 12 is MCS awareness day.

On May 1 the High Level Bridge will be lit yellow and green in the City of Edmonton for Environmental Sensitivities/Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Day. Details at this link:


You can find my social media posts at  @humanendangered on twitter and  Marie LeBlanc Artist/Advocate on facebook.

My website is currently being worked on

Please share with your email list, on social media, and tag me if possible.

Thank you!

Marie LeBlanc



4 responses to “New Photography Exhibit in May with a Special Video on May 12th

  1. Marie is an amazing Canadian stuck below the border without the ability to come back, without a safe place to come back to…

    “Marie’s an extraordinary artist, and Environmental Illness is an extraordinary struggle – with somewhere to live. Coping with this disability without housing is… indescribable.

    The accessible housing crisis is affecting so many people (in Canada and all over the world), and Marie has worked for years to spread this awareness for all of us who are affected: if you can, please contribute to this fundraiser to put a safer roof over her head 💜

    And if you wanna learn more about MCS, check out her art exhibit Air On The Side Of Caution, May 2020”

    ~ Laura J Mac

    If you have US funds (or enough to spare and cover Canadian/US exchange rates) and can help Marie out so she can get a new vehicle/home, please donate:

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