Help Susy Find and Afford Safe, Accessible Housing to Prevent MAiD

Long time MCS/ES community member Susy Mallin needs our support now.

She has managed to survive years of brutal conditions due to the severity of her MCS/ES, but all this has taken a big toll on her, and she is out of energy to keep struggling just to exist.

She needs medically safe, low toxicity housing on the Sunshine Coast area of BC where her family lives, housing that is affordable on a senior’s fixed income, a home where she isn’t exposed to chemicals, fragrances, smoke, pesticides, and other pollutants all the time. For these reasons, she can’t live in any multi-unit buildings.

You might see the issue with this need.

Housing is unaffordable for so many now, especially for people with medical needs for “healthy” housing, made with inert, low VOC materials.

People with MCS/ES don’t have a social safety net, our ability to live really does depend on community support, on you.

Please donate generously so that Susy can spend her remaining years in some relative peace.

Please be on the lookout for housing that could be suitable for her.

In a world that has otherwise made it abundantly clear that she, and others with more severe MCS/ES, aren’t really welcome, and who don’t care how much preventable suffering is imposed and endured, let’s show Susy that humans care enough to make it possible for her to exist, to be able to live out her natural life in dignity, and hopefully even be able to return to sharing her art with us.

Read more, and donate here:

Banner of 5 images of jewellery that Susy was previously able to create, including hearts, pendants, and initials, all hand-made of silver

Silver jewellery made by Susy when making jewellery was still possible.

Please share widely.
Thank you for anything you can contribute.

An UPDATE on Susy’s situation (March 11th, 2023)

The room in the psych ward where she was admitted has been the cleanest (mold, fragrance, and chemical-free) space she has been in in years.

They’ve also respected her access needs to not use chemical cleaners, among other things.

As a result, her MCS has decreased a great extent ❤


The powers that be are not acknowledging that this improvement in her health and abilities is the result of living in a safer, low exposure space, and want her out asap.

Housing is very expensive on the Sunshine Coast (as well as everywhere else) and Susy is a senior on a fixed income.

All she could afford is the type of place that caused her to have severe, incapacitating, tormenting MCS/ES in the first place.

If she does take an apartment in a less expensive multi-unit building, her health and abilities will decline again, and she’ll become incapacitated and unable to tolerate the chemical exposures from many everyday products and materials that we’re surrounded by.

It can be virtually guaranteed that the powers that be won’t be there to help when her health and abilities tank again in a place where she’s exposed 24/7 to things her body doesn’t tolerate.

Rents are expensive on small, well maintained (mould-free, pesticide-free, fragrance-free, healthy materials) homes that don’t share indoor air with others.

Please help Susy live.

Please donate to her GFM so that she can have at least some time in a safer home.

2 responses to “Help Susy Find and Afford Safe, Accessible Housing to Prevent MAiD

  1. Too late for Sophia, she had no other choice, but our actions and donations can give Susy a choice…

    …”She died after a frantic effort by friends, supporters and even her doctors to get her safe and affordable housing in Toronto.”

  2. There are still other’s like Susy.

    Most don’t get any media attention.
    (Look at the ads and maybe you can see why.)

    Denise is still with us because people were generous after her story appeared in the media, so she could afford a safe enough unit in a hotel (not a real home, but it has kept her alive). To date, a medically safe enough (for MCS), affordable, wheelchair accessible home has not been made available for her.

    She has also been exploring ways to get a surgery she needs in the US, as it isn’t done in Ontario, but that is obviously a very complicated and expensive option.

    People can donate here:

    Woman with disabilities nears medically assisted death after futile bid for affordable housing

    “She was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), which triggers rashes, difficulty breathing, and blinding headaches called hemiplegic migraines that cause her temporary paralysis.

    The chemicals that make her sick, said Denise, are cigarette smoke, laundry chemicals, and air fresheners. She is at risk of anaphylactic shock and so has EpiPens at all times in case she has a life-threatening allergic attack.

    Denise is also a wheelchair user after a spinal cord injury six years ago and has other chronic illnesses.”

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