Greetings everyone! Please accept my sincere apologies for the post that went out yesterday.

I accidentally clicked on ‘publish’  instead of ‘preview’ when I was trying to figure out (to no avail) how the new block editor that wordpress gave us works.

When I realized what happened I quickly deleted it, but it seems the auto-generated emails were already out.

Fortunately the content wasn’t totally embarrassing (whew).

I did contact the wp help people, who let me know where I could find the old editor, so I can still occasionally add a new post.

I’m dealing with numerous survival issues these days so it won’t be often, but I’ll try to post when I run across something I think will be helpful for people to know about.

May 2021 bring awakening and relief to us all!

Kind Regards,


4 responses to “Oops!

  1. Hi Linda.

    I wish you well in these days. I hope 2021 brings you all the best. It’s a struggle for so many. You are not alone.


  2. beautiful may picture. Thanks for that uplift. we in the US of A need some right now. take care.

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