MCS Survey for May 2019

Survey for People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and/or Environmental Illness and Injury (EII)

Guest post from Mordecai Cohen Ettinger,
The Health Justice Commons

I’ve had MCS for nearly 20 years. I’m a survivor of of the Three Mile Island partial nuclear meltdown, excessive x-ray radiation from medical treatment as a child from a teaching hospital that has since been ongoingly investigated for bioethics violations, and successive exposures to lead and mold from reckless landlords.

I’ve been a community activist for many years, along with a scholar and teacher of Critical Science, Technology and Medicine Studies.

In late 2016, I founded the Health Justice Commons, a non-profit. Our mission is to re-imagine and remake healthcare for our times.

To support efforts for MCS Awareness Month, we want to address the gap of basic research of our experiences.

Myself and my group,  The Health Justice Commons, believe that because MCS is so discounted there is little documentation of our experiences & we want our experiences to count. 

This is a survey for people who self-identify as having MCS and/or EII. There are limited studies that document the causes and impacts of these illnesses.

Data will publicized to educate the general public and support the demand for more study, awareness, and dignity for people with MCS and EII. This data will also support efforts across the planet to halt climate change and advocate for healthier, toxic-free communities for all.

Please help us and add your voice by completing this survey! Thank you all for the support you offer and the wisdom we collectively possess!!

Individual identifying information from this survey will be kept strictly confidential.

The survey will be open for May and we hope to be able to provide a report-back on results to respondents by mid June.

The data will also support efforts across the planet to halt climate change and advocate for healthier, toxic-free communities for all.



The Health Justice Commons


The Health Justice Commons works at the intersections of racial justice, economic justice, gender justice, disability justice and ecological justice to support marginalized communities to re-imagine and re-design healthcare and healing for the 21st century. We provide trauma informed training and consultation and incubate community-driven solutions to transform the health burden of social injustice and environmental racism and to generate health abundance.

6 responses to “MCS Survey for May 2019

  1. Aubertin, Mary A

    I just learned that there are fragrance additives (i.e. perfume oils) you can add to your gas tank. I haven’t been able to find any articles about these. Any suggestions?

    Mary Aubertin

    • I heard about those recently, and yes, there are some companies who sell fragrances to add to your fuel tank.
      I’m not sure there are any articles about them, just ads.
      Great way to make vehicle exhaust even more toxic. The fragrance industry needs to be reined in and regulated in a big way.

  2. Very sorry to have missed this post not sure how it happened I would have done the survey for sure.
    More fragrance for gas… we have gone from a bit crazed to absolutely insane in the sell a scent make a cent kill some people groove.

    I found something new to me thought I would post it here and let the powers that be decide where it should go.

    Click to access MCS%20FINAL.PDF

    • Hi Sandy, it’s easy to miss things, I don’t know how good wordpress is about sending emails if you sign up to be notified, and fb is notorious for not showing people things.

      That said, I think the survey might still be open. If you click on the link, you’ll find out.

      That ILRU document on Accommodating People With MCS by Pamela Reed Gibson was one of the first good resources people had, and a lot of it is still relevant.

      Speaking of Pamela Reed Gibson and MCS, she is working on getting her Survival Guide book online (for free). I’ll let everyone know when it’s available.

  3. I have read so many things already I think it would be hard to put all I have learned to date in a book. I keep hearing that not all things work for all of us since are all have such varied reactions to various things. There must be some common denominators likely more obvious in the beginning maybe the early days would be a good time to start with a decent book. I don’t know about others here but i was so far gone by the time I found out what it was the so called “spreading” was already apparent and moving fast. I think we need more than anything to get the word out to those who are just starting with symptoms so they can get the help they need (boy that is a laugh isn’t it there isn’t any help) help them selves as early as possible maybe if they start early before the spreading is out of hand they have a better chance of healing this mess. Letting people get sicker and sicker because of lack of education and promotion… is criminal.
    Could you see hiding information and understanding from any other medical perhaps preventable illness… say AIDs for instance… what if nobody acknowledge or talked about AIDs… sure there would be a lot of dead people. Also I have some understanding of what it took for AIDs to get the promotion research it finally got… I don’t see that happening. So what can we do to change this?
    number one not be too sick … too sick means you do nothing stay home so you don’t get worse…. seems like a trap doesn’t it

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