Van Living with MCS/ES

Marie’s an artist with severe mold sensitivity and MCS/ES, and has created an amazing slide show and photo  exhibits to raise awareness about the plight of people with environmental sensitivities and environmental illnesses, despite living in a dilapitated van, having to travel to the US for our winters because it’s too cold in a van here in Canada.

We really don’t have accessible housing for people with severe MCS/ES. I have several good online friends living in vehicles now because there’s no accessible housing. Marie is one of them, and she needs a reliable new (to her) van really soon, so that she can continue to live and create the beautiful, challenging, and awareness-raising art she lives for.

Life in a specialized van is hard enough, but it’s not at all safe in the old one she’s been trying to maintain the last few years. The old van has come to the end of it’s life. She has been harassed by unscrupulous men a number of times when the van broke down, and she deserves better than this from our society.
Let’s make sure she receives what she needs. No contribution is too small. Likewise, no donation is too big if you have more than you need.
Can you please donate, share, and ask the people you know to donate and share too? The world needs Marie!

10 responses to “Van Living with MCS/ES

  1. Thankyou so much for sharing the campaign. It means so much to me.

  2. The social injustice goes even a bit deeper than just having to downsize to fit into a mobile vehicle as one’s home. The rest of the environment — other cars on the road with their collision avoidance radar, pedestrians with their RF-spewing devices, malevolent cell towers on every hill and now even microantennas hidden in church steeples or on utility poles — make every movement of the vehicle an unpleasant ‘adventure’. Even going to a shopping mall to load up on supplies must be a tortuous activity if one is already sensitive to chemicals and EMFs.

    Couple that with the helplessness that any ‘service mechanic’ might inadvertently use a harmful lubricant and now the home-on-wheels becomes unlivable.

    It takes a combination of bravery and desperation to take this path. Marie is one of many people who will be pushed into this kind of lifestyle choice by our safe-housing crisis in North America. Please support Marie with well-wishes or currency.

  3. Do you have any recommendations for an air conditioner for someone with MCS/ES…we are in dangerous heat waves.Rose Marie BorutskiSurrey BC

    • It sounds brutal on the west coast!

      If you have a smaller fan that you tolerate, and a plastic container like a cooler or whatever those storage tubs are called, then you can cut a hole on the top to fit the fan lying down, blowing down, cut a circular hole in a side and add a small tube (not sure adding the tube is really necessary) and partially filling the ‘cooler’ with ice, then turning the fan on will blow cold air out of the side hole.

      I watched a video last night, it might have been on the CBC website. These might be called swamp coolers, but I don’t know for sure.

      Also, wearing damp clothes and a damp light towel or pillowcase on your head can help keep us cooler.

      Hope you get the relief you need, and that the heatwave passes soon, and that the powers that be stop doing things to cause more climate destabilization and the ensuing health effects that are being inflicted on the population for short term profits for a very few.

    • Here are some more suggestions I stumbled across

  4. There’s a new fundraiser for Marie as her old van is no longer repairable and she needs a new one asap to be able to fix it up before winter.
    Please chip in if you have housing, enough food to eat, and live above the poverty line.

    • Thankyou so much Linda. Marie

      On Wed, Sep 7, 2022, 12:14 AM Seriously Sensitive to Pollution <> wrote:

      linda @ Seriously “Sensitive” to Pollution commented: “There’s a new > fundraiser for Marie as her old van is no longer repairable and she needs a > new one asap to be able to fix it up before winter. Please chip in if you > have housing, enough food to eat, and live above the poverty line. > https://www.gofundme.c” >

  5. Thankyou so much for your help and your post Linda. I really appreciate it. Thankyou so much to Shelley for her help and everyone who has helped and continues to help.

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