MCS and Housing Update

The MCS and Housing  page has an entirely new updated resource section, divided into a few different categories.

Hope you find it helpful.

MCS and Housing

May safe, accessible, medically required housing be available for all who need it.

an illustration of different types of colourful housing on a green wavy landscape

6 responses to “MCS and Housing Update

  1. This new housing section is great! Thank you!

  2. Thank you Linda! This is great information.

    • You’re welcome! And thanks!

      The resource section has more than just housing now, but it contains some more current material, all in one place.

      I wish we had a lot of new developments to share, but things have kind of stalled out, with some really tragic consequences.

      Hopefully there will be a renewed interest in creating accessible and affordable spaces for people with MCS/ES to exist.

  3. There is so much valuable info in the update. Thank you for all the work you put into it.


    • Thank you!

      There are a few more good articles and resources I need to add when I feel up to doing battle with wp again!

      I am thinking at that point (or when able) I would like to transfer most to a separate page, and just leave the housing related ones here.

      I welcome suggestions on what would be most useful, and can try to implement them.

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