Welcome to the 2019 Edition of MCS/ES Awareness Month

It’s that time of year again!

We’re only a little tired of folks keeping their heads in the sand for decades.

The good (and sad) news is:

we’ve multiplied too much to ignore anymore!
(and there are more joining our ranks every day)

Major brands have started making fun of us and are co-opting our language,
so we know we’re making progress, even if it seems slow.




If you are new to this, to learn more about  MCS/ES, you can start here:


So You Think We’re Being Difficult When We ask You to Change Products?


Environmental Sensitivities (Chemical, Electrical, and Beyond) in Ecopsychology


You can also browse around the rest of this site to access almost 10 years of “awareness” information.


One response to “Welcome to the 2019 Edition of MCS/ES Awareness Month

  1. The gaslighting and BS is ramping up…

    Here they try to deflect and deny an accessibility barrier by finding one person who is ok with it, and using the light cigarettes are ok in the smoking section of the plane strategy

    “I’m largely scent challenged and find most overwhelming, but this grapefruit one is working for me,” she said.”

    “Carriers are infusing their scents into hot towels, soaps, lotions, lavatory deodorizers, at gate areas, and in the lobbies of their respective airline lounges. All have said they’re careful not to overdo it — cognizant of fliers who are allergic to strong perfumes and colognes.”


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