Proclamation, Video, and Other News for May 12th Awareness Day

Toronto’s Mayor John Tory has lent (not given) his support with a Proclamation for  for Awareness Day:

“Proud to proclaim today as Myalgia Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Awareness Day. It is important that we lend our support and understanding to those living with chronic illness, especially as we deal with #COVID19.


(I’m sorry there’s no written transcript for the image)

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Marie Leblanc created a short film that she submitted to the World Health Organization for the Health For All contest through film freeway.

She has released this film on  May 12th,  MCS Awareness Day 2020, and has made it available until the end of May for the rest of MCS Awareness Month.

“We are asking for awareness and acknowledgement. It shares the lives of some of those living with more severe chemical and environmental sensitivities.”



Thank you to Marie and everyone who agreed to be in the film!
There is very little out there about those of us who are the most seriously affected, it’s as if no-one wants to know we exist.

There is more information about Marie and the amazing work she is doing here:

New Photography Exhibit in May with a Special Video on May 12th

An SStP note about some content in the film:
It references that due to a complete lack of access to safe life supports, some people wish to have access to what is called MAID in Canada (Medical Assistance in Dying), which in my view is what the state wants people with different needs  to do, because it is a lot cheaper than providing dignified and appropriate care for people who need assistance with living in the way society is now structured, and corporate profits are more important than lives (any lives) in our economy.

Here’s some good news from Ecopsychology
(in case you haven’t seen these articles before)

“In our enthusiastic support for Chemical Sensitivity Month, Ecopsychology is providing free access for the rest of the month to our special issue on this topic, guest-edited by Dr. Pamela Gibson of James Madison University. In this issue, Gibson and her contributors lead us forward to understand the science and to see in people’s lives the often-debilitating reality of chemical and electrical sensitivities. The topic is controversial, and often ignored or discounted by the mainstream disciplines. It’s a stunning and gutsy collection of original articles, as relevant now as when we published it in 2017. Please delve deep, and feel free to share this opportunity.”

Peter H. Kahn, Jr., Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, Ecopsychology

Special Issue on Ecopsychology and Environmental Sensitivities:
Chemical, Electrical, and Beyond

I leave you with this:


Human canaries need your help.

many canaries out on a limb with border

* The health and ability for those with environmental sensitivities
rests with
the choices and actions of others *

~ The Canadian Human Rights Commission’s
Medical Perspective on Environmental Sensitivities

2 responses to “Proclamation, Video, and Other News for May 12th Awareness Day

  1. Lawrence A. Plumlee

    I’d say “Reactive to toxic chemicals like pesticides and other pollutants in air, food, and water”. Get them out of our environment. Don’t let industry blame us for being sensitive! We notice their poisons and tell others about them.


    • “Sensitivities” definitely trivializes things and allows industry to make us sound like the problem instead of them… Perhaps that human canaries “experience adverse health effects from exposures to …” is better than reactive, which I see used more often in emotional contexts?

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