MCS Awareness Video by Maria Rizzo

This excellent video about MCS/ES was made in 2020 by Maria Rizzo, who was behind the Fragrance Free Revolution, but has not aged a second.  It is just as relevant today as it was then.

The only thing that has changed, is that Maria is no longer with us. She lost her life in December 2020 after being subjected to too many exposures when spending time in hospitals with her father.

She wasn’t able to recover from those exposures, the broken heart of losing her father, and of the world that harms us instead of welcomes us.

The tribute her partner wrote when he informed the community of her passing can be found here.

I miss collaborating with Maria, I miss her creative energy, and her ability to do things in clear and concise ways.

She’d still be with us if hospitals and the rest of the world stopped inflicting unnecessary poisons on us all, and instead respected our human rights as well as their own vulnerability to 24/7 exposures to unnecessary hazardous substances.

Her death is a great loss to the global MCS/ES community.

 Rest in power Maria.

Text: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Choose People...Not Products. Be Fragrance Free Always No Fragrance or Fragranced Products

5 responses to “MCS Awareness Video by Maria Rizzo

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  2. thank you . I have shared this video to many who chose to ignore me .My Rachelle has M.C.S. and I have P.V.C.D. and we have lots of the same triggers . thank you Maria Rizzo for making this video and every one for continuing to educate people . I wish more would listen.

    • Thank you for sharing to your community.

      It’s important that we all do as much as we can in our daily lives (instead of suffering in silence), since those in power will not act until there’s a force to be reckoned with pushing them to act in ways they can stand up to the industries that pretty much control them now.

      We can all join to be that force.

    • Maria was a wonderful person. She was an amazing advocate. It’s so sad she is not here anymore.

  3. atkinskatherine

    Thank you for sharing this video, Linda, and the sad news of Maria’s tragic death. I’ve shared the video on my FB page.

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