Now Online: “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Survival Guide”

Great news!

Pamela Reed Gibson’s groundbreaking and information filled book “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Survival Guide” (2nd Edition) is now available to read online, or as a download, for FREE!


It’s still very relevant and extremely useful even though it came out in 2006.

There are also a lot of other excellent resources, including research papers, available on the new website:


Read or download the book here:


Enjoy and share widely!

4 responses to “Now Online: “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Survival Guide”

  1. Hi There, I wanted to download a copy of the book but don’t see where I can download it on their website. Also, there is no contact info on the site. Would you be able to help? I’m using a tablet, don’t know if that makes a difference or not. Thanks!

    • Hi Jo-An, I downloaded a (word) copy from the ISSUU image. If you can see on the top left of that, there’s a downward pointing arrow – and if you hover over it, it should say download. If you have trouble finding that, I’ll take a screenshot and post to fb, then share here in a comment.

  2. Thank you for the above question and answer regarding how to download this book. I also could not figure out how to download this book until I read the comments and answers here.

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