When Being Quarantined or Isolated and Broke is “Normal”

But Shouldn’t Have to Be

Guest Post by Joanne Cabe

I read a post from someone who was out of work and broke, who wrote that being quarantined and broke, or being an essential worker and working over time, isn’t normal for anyone.

I had to respond. I don’t know that it will do any good on people’s awareness, but this was my try for the day:

It is normal for thousands of people with chemical sensitivities!

First time I’ve been ahead of things – I already wore a mask & stayed away from most people – can’t work or go most places & am on permanent mostly quarantine & can usually do outdoor stuff if no chemicals (including exhaust, sprays, some natural things.)

Sad thing is most of this is preventable – air fresheners, scented everything (laundry soap, candles, plug ins, personal products, etc, are people’s choice – but stop me from having much of a life.)

Only way all this is really changing how I have to live already is – now sanitizers are making me even more isolated and ill!

Some good things too – things I’ve needed are more common now – telemedicine, calling in groceries to bring out to car (then have to put stuff out in the garage, because they make me ill from the sanitizers from in the store – including food items.)

Also all kinds of free virtual tours online now, if I had the energy to watch them – those were never made for people like me at least that I know of.

I’m just mentioning this so people can realize there are thousands who have been living this way for years & don’t have much hope of it ending, because people need everything to be scented now, hard to even get garbage bags any more that don’t make me ill.

This isn’t really aimed at you at all, what you said about this not being normal for anyone just got me thinking how many people are unaware that this has been going on & keep on using products that are both bad for them & limit others lives, often without realizing it (they sure aren’t going to tell you on the febreeze add or plugins, Lysol’s or any of these products – that there are many people who get asthma attacks, and many other symptoms from their products, and many have carcinogenic ingredients.)

So I’m sorry for picking your post to educate on, it’s totally not an attack on you personally, just hopefully a wake up call for many.

Joanne chose this image to share with her post.

One response to “When Being Quarantined or Isolated and Broke is “Normal”

  1. Thank you! Yes, we’ve been on lockdown for years….

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