Safe Housing Survey

Do you (or will you) need safe housing?

Until the end of November 2019, Health Risk Navigation Inc. (HRNI) is conducting a much needed (yet simple) survey of the housing needs of the chemically injured in order to have quantitative data to show housing providers, communities, policy, and decision makers, funders, and other relevant parties.

This kind of data doesn’t exist currently, so even though safe housing is our core need, there are no official documents that anyone can easily point to.

More details are available on their FAQ page:

Some of you may have already done the 1st edition of this survey in June of 2019, when it originally came out. Thank you! Even though the survey now has a different format, those responses are not lost.

You don’t have to do the revised one, but it would be helpful if you could spend the 10-15 minutes to do so… just mention that you completed the original on the last page where people are asked to share any additional comments.

The questions of the initial survey and the current survey are identical, except that the current survey now has four new questions at the beginning  that seek  consent of the respondents to save and share info (largely due to EU privacy laws).

Every question also gives an explanation as to why the data is requested. Additionally, every question (except the consent questions) now gives us the choice to answer “Prefer Not To Say”.

The responses from the initial survey will be amalgamated together with the responses of the current survey.

More details are available on the FAQ page:

On-Line Survey

Click Here to go to the On-Line Low-Toxicity Housing Survey.

Please take the 10-15 minutes to do the housing survey. Also, please encourage other people you know who have MCS/ES, chemical sensitivity, mold injury, EHS, CFS/ME, or any other environmentally linked condition that benefits from low/no toxicity housing, to also do the survey.

FYI… There is both an on-line form and a printable pdf form that can be mailed to HRNI. Do which ever one best suits your needs. Both are found here:

Survey Of The Housing Needs Of The Chemically Injured

Thank you!


2 responses to “Safe Housing Survey

  1. This is not restricted to Canadians! The scope is international!

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