Accessibility STOP Signs

I ran across a sign that the lung association had created, and while I am glad they are doing something , I found the message and visual required some tweaking.

Of course, the lung association didn’t come up with the term “sensitive”, it’s what is used in human rights laws, but it seems to have created an impression in the public’s mind that chemical and environmental sensitivities are trivial, and not disabling or even life threatening like they can be.

It also needs to be said that signs without enforcement are endangering lives and perpetuating harm, systemic accessibility barriers, discrimination, and forced isolated segregation for those who are disabled by any or repeated exposures.

To download printable posters, see below.

Image text:


People in this area are
disabled by scents

Please do not proceed beyond this
point if you are wearing a fragranced product
of any kind.

Click on the image for full size and to download the sign in png format

Screenshot of the original:

Image text:


People in this area are sensitive to

Please do not proceed beyond this
point if you are wearing a scented product
of any kind

Link to PDF of the original sign in English and French:
(it’s really the scent sign, not a SmokeFree sign)


If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.

For more information on how fragrance/scent-free policies benefit everyone, not just those who are ‘sensitive’, check the other posts on this site.

In a growing number of areas it’s now the law to remove accessibility barriers, and fragranced/scented products ARE accessibility barriers.

Be fragrance-free. It’s good for you! It’s good for me.

5 responses to “Accessibility STOP Signs

  1. Nancy Bronskill Miller

    I prefer signs that list specific products which are offenders. For example, most people don’t consider their deodorant or their laundry products.

  2. Rhonda Smithson

    Excellent. Concur re. term ‘Sensitive’ – it diminishes the disability & Real health impact.

    On 6/24/19, Seriously Sensitive to Polluti

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  4. There are 3 PDF signs here that people may be interested in seeing even though they are provincial from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador:

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