Hunger Strike for Access to Safe Health Care

Ginette lives in Quebec and has been trying to access health care safely for years, without success. The fragrance exposures cause severe symptoms and her health is deteriorating as a result of not being able to have her basic needs met, because… fragrance.

She posted this video to her fb profile:

Here’s a  rough English transcript:

“Hello, I have an announcement. Tomorrow, Wednesday 12th of May, at noon, I will be installed in front of the hospital close to my home, to start a hunger strike.

After so many years of modest activism to convince provincial government ministers (health and other ministers) to apply a strict rule of ‘health care without perfumes and fragrances’ in all hospital, clinics and residencies for long term care for old people and those non autonomous, and after the last 5 weeks of emails from the group of women I belong to and I represent, and facing the criminal silence of these ministers,

I have nothing to lose anymore.

I am slowly healing from a last urticaria and angio-oedème crisis after being exposed to fragrances.

I decided today to never expose myself to their chemicals again when attempting to receive exams or health advice in a health hospital or clinic.

Enough is enough.

They will not kill me slowly each time I have to receive health care.

I choose to take the risk of dying in dignity, not after negligence or indifference from the people who run the health system in Quebec… ”

… ♥ …

Hospitals and health care providers put us in the position of  literally dying for health care, they have valued their fragrances (and other harmful or hazardous products) over people’s lives, instead of implementing and enforcing fragrance-free policies that would improve the air quality and benefit all patients and staff too. The addictions seem stronger than smoking.

Here’s another video Ginette and her collective released recently (also in French)

… ♥ …

Please join me in wishing Ginette safety during and a swift and successful outcome from her demonstration, that the much needed fragrance-free and other harm reduction policies are implemented in Quebec (and all across Canada and the world – see the previous post about Maria) beginning immediately, so that health care becomes accessible and not harmful, for the millions of people with chemical and environmental sensitivities around the world.

Nurse or doctor with eyeglasses, face mask, hair net, gloves, and stethoscope holding a spray bottle in one hand and beginning to flick it with the other. These words appear on the image: seriously 'sensitive' to pollution Be Fragrance-Free Make health-care accessible for people with MCS/ES. Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS/ES) Environmental Sensitivities

Be Fragrance-Free. Make health-care accessible for people with MCS/ES.

21 responses to “Hunger Strike for Access to Safe Health Care

  1. The most powerful sacrifice. One that cannot be ignored. This may not end well for Ginette, but she is indeed a brave heroine who fights against injustice and she should be acknowledged as such. She is cogent and rational, but utterly desperate and at her wits end. Today, she does more than her fair share to spread awareness on May 12. I honor you and salute your sacrifice, Ginette.

  2. Byron Woolcock

    I very often note lately the wonderful word “ together” as being so often foundational. Indeed Ginette’s story, her desperation and courage ,speak so clearly to us all.
    I certainly thus echo kengartner’s great summary. Presently I am personally experiencing double barriers to , “safe access… safe (dental);health care”.This, as always, affects both me as well as essential longer travels to continuation of needed eye saving care for my Wife, Susan. Deadly wood smoke invading our home precludes, and sets extra barriers, to the needed safer long driving to such health care for us both.. The invading wood smoke seriously affecting my health, and thus safe driving ability, by invasive toxicants even in our own home! Knowing my health care barriers at their locations, as well as the recent barriers to simply often just even travelling there safely , certainly allies me, and many, with both Ginette’s desperation and the inspiration, courage and witness she so clearly shows forth as a guiding light in a very dark and toxic world.. (Yes, I have pleaded for even just two days and nights smoke free, (as neighbour has alternative heat source);to simply build and retain health enough to be able to drive Susan safely to Kingston eye clinic. …. = crickets, ……
    …..cancelled appointment and another day at home recovering.)
    Ginette’s story is my story, and that of all here, together.. Thank you again Ginette.

  3. Rhonda Smithson


    This is Excellent. Pls see attached Word doc – I have slightly formatted for Readability, as I do now with most of my messages – for Myself as the processor, sender, and for the Destination reader/reviewers.

    Rhonda Smithson

    On 5/12/21, Seriously Sensitive to Polluti

  4. fb video (in French) below:

    Ginette has moved to outside her home for now and will be picking another spot for tomorrow.
    I think I missed another update about if she was able to speak with anyone today.
    They are working on creating a blog to keep us updated.

    My French isn’t good enough for more details now.

  5. Lesley Wilkins

    Go girl! Best of luck , desperate people have to take desperate measures x Lesley (England)

  6. Ways to get involved:

    1 – please send emails to your MP,s

    2 – those who know journalists please call

    3 – Call if you can those radio programs where the actuality is discussed….

    4- Call your local TV to ask about the strike and why you did not see it

    5- email other political parties

    6- Go to MP office close to your place and ask questions about perfumed care

    7 – share, share steps of my strike, photos, live facebook, and the blog ….

    8 – Take a home video of a couple of minutes to protest and put it on your social medias network……

  7. A friend and supporter speaks to a reporter in French:

  8. A video of Ginette being interviewed by media (news link a couple of comments above)

  9. I wish Ginette a success. She is very brave. Her efforts will help all of us. Thankyou

  10. Shelley Wright

    Thank you for your exceptional efforts to relentlessly jump over exhausting political hoops and try to tackle barriers to essential services. No one should have to go to these extremes to be able to access essential services. I am Electromagnetically Sensitive, experiencing Microwave Illness in wireless public spaces. Wired, non-scented public facilities should be available to everyone. Working together to support Environmentally Sensitive people is healthier for everyone.

  11. Ginette has ended her hunger strike, here is her update:

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