Persil: Just STOP!

When you need a product that says it’s fragrance-free

and the product’s web page states:

“It’s 100% dye-free, perfume-free and dermatologist-tested. Take laundry day to the next level. … With Persil® Sensitive Skin you can achieve a deep clean without scents and perfumes that can aggravate skin sensitivities.”

Guess what? You still need to read the ingredient list, because some manufacturers think it’s ok to do this:

This has to STOP!


Many of us know that some scent or fragrance free products add fragrance to mask the smell of other ingredients, but they don’t state 5 different  times and in different ways that their product is “100% perfume-free”, and “without scents and perfumes”. After all that, it’s shocking to find fragrance in the ingredient list.

WTF makes companies think this is ok to do?

It’s time to ask them, and tell them to stop!

Have questions about Persil® products?
Call  1-800-457-8739.
Monday to Friday, 9am–5:30pm MST.

PS… I looked at the ingredients on another product, and in addition to the “fragrance” blend, they also listed several fragrance ingredients, without declaring them as fragranced. This company is not cool!

PPS… I did not look at the other ingredients to see how healthy or toxic they are, their fragrance gaslighting is bad enough to never buy their products.

But I did look them up on EWG (which is a starting point for product ingredients and concerns) and they give it a big NOPE too:

If enough of us speak up, perhaps we can make them stop this kind of unacceptable, harmful nonsense…. If we say nothing, it will continue…

9 responses to “Persil: Just STOP!

  1. Rhonda Smithson

    Excellent posting; I’ve just shared it on Fbk.

  2. Sherrie Pace-Truitt

    I used their contact page to send them this note: “The product’s web page states: “It’s 100% dye-free, perfume-free and dermatologist-tested. Take laundry day to the next level. … With Persil® Sensitive Skin you can achieve a deep clean without scents and perfumes that can aggravate skin sensitivities.” The ingredients list on the product has “Fragrance”. The Environmental Working Group gives this product an “F” and it may be because you use toxic “Fragrance” chemicals in it. Please correct you bottle advertising as it is not fragrance free per the ingredients and it is misleading. Under the FCC, The Division of Advertising Practices protects consumers from unfair or deceptive advertising and marketing practices that raise health and safety concerns, as well as those that cause economic injury. This is deceptive and can cause harm to the wrong individual who purchases this product and reacts to the toxic synthetic fragrances. “

  3. Fragrance may not mean “fragrance” it could be a chemical that they don’t want to hide from the competition and the consumer. Either way, it is wrong.

    • I think there are substances that are categorized as fragrance ingredients. IFRA (the trade association) has asked members to voluntarily disclose what they use, and at last count, that was 3999 different substances. They seem to have updated the list recently, but did not say how many were there now, and I wasn’t going to count.

      Some manufacturers are being sleezeballs and instead of disclosing fragrance ingredients under the term fragrance (or aroma, parfum, essential oils), they are listing them (or some) individually without disclosing they are fragrances.

      Persil did this on one of their other products.

      Possibly EU law requires additional disclosure of those as they might be considered some of top fragrance mix allergens?

      The voluntary disclosures by a couple of industry giants still leave a lot of room for undisclosed and harmful ingredients.

      Really sucks that some people and their corporations think it’s ok to profit from harming others and the environment we depend on for life.

  4. Surely Persil must be contravening the misrepresentation of the advertising laws. Ecover products affect me as do Sainsburys fragrance free soap powder. The only product that is safe for me is Surecare products. Washing up liquid , Soap powder and Conditioner. I strongly recommend this product.

    • Yes, one would think there would be advertising standards laws, and you’d think they’d care without possible lawsuits :/

      Ecover never agreed with me and I actually found their ZERO products quite scented, kind of baby powderish.

      I don’t think we have Surecare in Canada (or North America). I’ve never heard of them before.

      It’s not easy finding good, non-toxic commercial laundry products. I usually use baking soda (bicarb), sometimes with a bit of borax or food grade hydrogen peroxide, or soap nuts.

  5. Liar Liar…. I use to just suck it up now any product I buy that causes me a reaction goes back to a refund no more nice girl… it may take some time for me to recover and get back to there but I have a well of resentment for all the money I wasted when I actually had money and then threw the product out so I would not have to deal with any further reaction having it in my home… now I wrap it in foil .. and several bags put it immediately in the trunk … and wait till I am up to it back to the store it goes.
    I am not rewarding them for their bad behavior and lies.

    My soap is Simply Clean … if you find it now stock up there has been a shortage since corona… only game in town for me. The maker of this product has kids that have MCS.

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