Three New Videos About Environmental Sensitivities


EHAQ (Environmental Health Association of Québec) is presenting three new videos for

Environmental Sensitivity Awareness Day – May 12, 2019

Presentations are from:

John Molot MD.

“Numerous papers have been published supporting a biological explanation for MCS. These will be reviewed as well as the evolving medical and political perspective.”

David Fancy Ph.D.

…”Drawing from insights from the ‘social model of disability’ this presentation identifies how the current cultural moment presents systematic barriers, negative attitudes and ongoing electromagnetic wounding that puts the responsibility on society for being the main contributing factor in disabling EHS persons.”

Meg Sears Ph.D.

…” Sears notes the urgency of curbing harmful products and thus chronic disease because as people are getting sicker, families and society also suffer and the healthcare budget balloons faster than the Gross Domestic Product – clearly an unsustainable situation.”


The videos are available in both English and French.
There’s no need to register this year, just visit the website:

Environmental Sensitivities: An UPDATE 2019


For the French version, click here:

Journée de sensibilization de l’hypersensibilité environnementale – 12 mai 2019


Association pour la santé environnementale du Québec –
Environmental Health Association of Québec


Many thanks to EHAQ and the presenters for all the work they do!

2 responses to “Three New Videos About Environmental Sensitivities

  1. I receive your postings, and want to know if there is a way to contact you.  I live in BC. I am wondering about travelling, specifically via WestJet Vancouver to Montreal, and mentioning need for accommodation, ie no one sitting beside me, or no one beside with scents. Do people with ES travel by air? ever? With appreciation,Rose Marie Borutski

    • Hi Rose Marie,

      I don’t share contact info because I am not well enough to do private advocacy work, and there are groups on fb (and other places like yahoo) where people can ask questions and get all kinds of peoples experiences and wisdom!

      That said there are some people who fly, with precautions, but I haven’t heard any personal stories of asking for and being accommodated re scent-free seating arrangements.

      You do have a right to be accommodated under the Canadian Human Rights Code. They may try to claim undue hardship, but it’s more of an attitude barrier than an actual inability to do so.

      Policy on environmental sensitivities (Canadian Human Rights Commission)

      Click to access policy_sensitivity_0.pdf

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