2021 – Welcome to MCS/ES Action and Accommodation Month

Traditionally May is MCS and MCS/ES Awareness Month.

After decades of awareness raising, it’s time to move on to welcoming action and accommodation, don’t you think?

Are people with MCS/ES, often referred to as Human Canaries, actually welcome in this world?

If you are a person with MCS/ES, please share in the comments if and how you are being accommodated and welcomed (or not) in this world.

If you are a person who doesn’t have MCS/ES, please share in the comments how you are accommodating and welcoming people with MCS/ES into the world.

image description: a faded beach ball mother earth... there's a large faded canary bird (representing human canaries) wearing a full face respirator, on the middle of the globe text reads: Are people with MCS/ES welcome in this world? seriously 'sensitive' to pollution May 2021 MCS/ES Action and Accommodation Month multiple chemical sensitivities MCS/ES environmental sensitivities

11 responses to “2021 – Welcome to MCS/ES Action and Accommodation Month

  1. The Fragrance-free Checklist
    Checklist document in PDF
    and links to:
    Help for How to Be Fragrance-Free
    So You Think We’re Being Difficult When We ask You to Change Products?
    They Said I Wasn’t Fragrance-Free. How Can That Be?

    The Fragrance-free Checklist

  2. Byron Woolcock+

    No, Folks with disabilities, certainly including MCS/EI , are definitely not welcome in this world. At now 82, diagnosed COPD as a Child right after the Nazi bombing of my UK birthplace village. Coming to. my dear Canada as. a war Refugee in 1947 I was also finally correctly, ,providentially, diagnosed MCS in 1974. Throughout my “working” life I fought daily for simple disability accommodations, culminating just before retirement in a stressful, job related, MCS three year legal battle.,That ,at very least, enabled us to pay off mortgage for our safer home. Now in “retirement” the daily disability battle continues with deadly local woodsmoke invading that same home. Sad “politics and legalities” have continually confirmed the Hon. David Onley’s conclusion, for me and for millions…..”For most disabled persons, Ontario is not a place of opportunity, but one of countless, dispiriting, soul crushing barriers”.
    (Colder May day today, west wind thus blowing the toxic smoke into our home yet again. I pray my faithful Lungs and Scottish Heart will enable yet another day marching with my bagpipes ,and with all those who love and support me. Thank you Linda. Thank you all.)

  3. As someone with MCS I would have to say no I am not welcome in the world. I’ve been tossed aside like trash by employers, potential employers, family, and so called friends. People tend to attack when you mention that their product choices are harming you. I have only had 1 person in my life choose me over their products, everyone else has chosen products. I’m housebound and struggle to get food that isn’t covered in disinfectant, perfume, or laundry products. I can’t even go outside because of constant neighbourhood laundry fumes. I can’t get help with anything, especially home repair and maintenance, because of products people use. How us anyone supposed to feel welcome in a world where they are constantly ill and then get attacked for mentioning it. Too many of us are jobless and homeless because we aren’t welcome in the world. I’m heading in that direction myself, through no choice of my own. It sucks so much.

  4. Sorry for my poor english… No I am not welcome in this world… Can’t go outside because of laundry and my neighbourd use plug in and open her windows even she knows that keeps me inside my home…The same thing for my grocery… everything smell perfume!! I have wrote to grocery head office about that and they say that they use products approved by Santé Canada. No way to live in this crasy world…I dont see my family except my mother, only one friend choose me but she lives far away. I had a cancer many years ago and it was nothing to compare with this….some days, I have regret that I survived…This condition is the worst thing I have to deal with in my live!!

  5. Dorothy Valone

    We’re welcome as long as we don’t inconvenience anyone. So, if welcome means accommodation, no.

  6. I would hope that once someone famous or someone with more political pull actually GETS mcs that that will turn things around and more be done. Awareness is STILL good. <3

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