The Fragrance Free Revolution

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Fragrance Free Revolution

They share  memes with accompanying information for people with chemical, fragrance, and environmental ‘sensitivities’.

This is one of my absolute favourites!

Image description:

A fair skinned woman is growing out of a terra cotta flower pot. She wears something white and sleeveless. She has long wavy hair that is surrounded by several pink flowers of varying sizes. Her head is tilted to one side and that arm is holding up one of the flowers between her ear and her forehead.

Image text:

If you were meant to smell of fragrance you would’ve been a plant.

Be fragrance free, it’s what nature intended.

#No Fragrances #No Essential Oils  SOS #Back to Basics


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4 responses to “The Fragrance Free Revolution

  1. I am in an apartment building of small suites each with their own in-suite washer and dryer.
    Each unit vents the dryer directly outside the suite. The outdoor air can be chokingly unbreathable at any time. I want and need to stop the use of perfumed products. Can you help me?

  2. I have sad news to share:

    We’ve lost another one 💔

    Maria was doing amazing work with Fragrance Free Revolution

    Being exposed to hospitals and all the chemicals there will destroy most of us who have more than middling MCS/ES… add grief to the mix, grief from loss of loved ones, and from loss of abilities and all the effects of exposures, it is unbearable for most of our bodies.

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