a seriously ‘sensitive’ to pollution update and two requests

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted much in the past 2-3 years, and there are reasons for that, reasons which have taken their toll on my cognitive and physical abilities.

I won’t bore you with the details, as there’s not much point in doing so, but I do have a couple of requests.

1.Water filtration

Does anyone know a really good water quality expert, someone who knows the best ways to filter the most things out of tap water, and also knows how to access specialized filters?

I’m thinking NSF/ANSI 53 and 401 in particular.

The current system, (which may actually need to be replaced, making this the best time to change to something more suitable for my body if that exists) uses filters that are about 4″ wide by 20″ long.

I suspect an expert may need to be someone who deals with commercial, perhaps pharmaceutical grade filtration, for my canary body to be able to use the water again, as the systems the water filtration people I have contacted sell, don’t filter out enough for me anymore.

I can’t afford any more cases of spring water in glass bottle, and the very kind and generous people who have started delivering well water from a couple of hours away from me can’t keep doing this for long.

Let me know in the comments please.

If you wish your comment to be private and not released to the public, just say so at the beginning or end of your comment, that it’s a personal comment, and I won’t publish it when I see it.

2. Website upkeep

UPDATE: Thank you to those of you who donated, these costs have been covered  ♥ ♥ ♥

SStP was created on a free site plan here. When more and more people found it interesting or helpful, wordpress started adding ads to the posts, to cover their costs, but the ads included things that are harmful to human canaries, so I started paying for the least expensive site plan (personal) that keeps the ads off.  I can’t afford to do so now, as my income is far below the poverty line.

Keeping the posts ad free costs U$84.00 a year.
In Canadian dollars, it’s 25-30% more, depending on the day.

There’s a narrow black banner at the top of the site now in case anyone has the interest and financial means to cover the whole cost for an ad free site  for all of us. It says “Enjoy this site? Gift the author a WordPress.com plan”, and you can click on the word GIFT beside that.  You might need to have a wordpress account to use that payment option.

The domain name renewal is also due by mid April. It’s  U$19.00 a year.
That I need to pay personally (donations accepted via paypal below)

If it’s not paid, then the site apparently reverts back to a wordpress domain, but I don’t know if all the links will work after.

If you are able to contribute anything to the cause, here’s my personal paypal link, you can click on either the image or the word to get there:

Contribute to keeping seriously 'sensitive' to pollution online

Hope you are all doing as well as is possible during these backasswards nuckingfuts times.
May we all live to see better days.

4 responses to “a seriously ‘sensitive’ to pollution update and two requests

  1. Linda, I have donated enough to cover the cost of the domain name renewal in April 2023. Hope it helps somewhat. Be well!

  2. Thank you to those of you who donated ♥

    The site fees are covered!

  3. Byron Woolcock

    Thank you, Linda, and to all who donated.

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