Holiday Canaries

are not easy for human canaries these days.

But friends CAN make it better:


Acts of Festive Kindness


Friendship and Fragrance


Gifts for People with MCS/ES


How to Survive the Holidays with EI and (Possibly) Not End Up Alone or Wanting to Give Your Family the Boot
(Guest posts by Che Ray)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


Creative, Less Toxic, and Eco-Friendly Christmas Decor Ideas


Being a Caring “Consumer”, Giver, and Receiver of Gifts


Show You Care, Clear the Air!

Return to Vendor


Help for How to Be Fragrance-Free

This QUIT FRAGRANCE image is  available on +71 products at Redbubble, via Art on a Mission, who’s “purpose is to draw attention to our illness (ME…many people with ME also have MCS/ES), while helping to meet the needs and make a difference in the lives of our fellow sufferers.” 

This is a screenshot of some of the items available:

Here’s the link for the travel mug.   Once you are on the site page, if you scroll down a bit to where it says available on +71 products, a pop-up window shows all the other items, including stickers, clothing, and more ways to make a statement and support a good cause.

I realize that most of the items are not safe for people with MCS/ES, but at this point, we can at least get this message out there while supporting a good cause.


Human canaries are dying
for clean air, healthy environments, and huggable people!

Every one of us can make a difference!

3 responses to “Holiday Canaries

  1. If you have a ton of energy, for at least a few months before any holidays or events, and you really want to try to safely be able to see your friends and family (or others), then here are some (bloody exhausting) tips for you (from Michellina in AU, where it’s possible to eat outside in December):

    20 Ways to a Fragrance Free Christmas

    Note that this is what it’s usually like if we are determined to attempt to get access to doctors, dentists, and any other f-f services or events too – and this means going through it with each and every person involved, it’s not like there’s one contact point for many people… and if you read through those tips, you will see and may no longer wonder why so many of us are invisible and alone… Products have become more important than people to most people…

  2. Dashing Through the Snow…
    Coughing all the way
    Over fields we go
    On a frosty winter’s day

    No fresh air to breathe
    Chimneys puffing smoke
    Pine and fragranced fireplace logs
    Are ruining the day

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