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My clothing issues

This is my entire collection of safe clothing: about a dozen pieces. I have nothing else I can wear.

By Linda Sepp.

Many of you have over-stuffed walk-in closets full of clothing. Every day you choose from a wide assortment of seasonally appropriate clothes to wear to work or out to play.

I can put everything I can wear into a regular sized (plastic) grocery bag. Look above to see a photo of what I’m wearing these days.

I live in Toronto, Canada, and depend upon Ontario Disability Support Program for all my income (ODSP is provincial welfare for the disabled) because I have severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities/Environmental Sensitivities (MCS/ES).

In addition to these fine clothes, I have another pair of underwear, a tank top, and a t-shirt which was being washed when I took this photo.

This is my entire collection of safe clothing. I have nothing else I can wear.

Some of these pieces are so shredded they will not withstand another wash (the purple tank top, the blue shirt, but the grey leggings might have one more wash in them, the socks are developing holes which get larger when washed, not sure how long they will last–it’s is my one safe pair).

I wear all these items at the same time to be warm enough, taking off the robe, black summer capri pants with worn out elastic waist, and blue shirt only when I go to bed.

The other clothes (and the t-shirt not pictured) I wear 24/7 (except for the 12 or so hours I must wait for them to dry after a rare washing).

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