Water filtration for washing machines?

I’m hoping some day to get a washing machine, but the whole house water filtration that was installed here does not filter the water sufficiently to safely wash my clothes with. I would also have problems with the rubber residues from most hoses.

In Toronto we rigged up a Y hose with a shower filter to one of the intakes on the old machine, and controlled the water temperature manually from the taps instead of via machine, but the water pressure was nearly non-existent in that house.

I’ve been told that regular shower filters would crack from the water pressure in a place with normal water pressure if used on a washing machine.

Does anyone know if there are any water filters that are designed to be safely attached to washing machines?

6 responses to “Water filtration for washing machines?

  1. Dr Grace Ziem suggests for advice calling Jim Nigra 818 889-6877 or Mary Oestel(now Marilee) 513 288-2369. I know Pamela Gibson’s book has suggestions in the product souces part like EL Foust . I don’t have any money either and know Marilee gives one free consultation(at least she used to) and I like talking to Environmental Construction Outfitters of NY(www.EnvironProducts.com) 1800 238-5008. Also, maybe someone at Arbour shop 613 567-3168 in Ottawa can connect you to a envirotech hopefully someone with a heart that would volunteer their help.
    Gosh, I was hoping Barrhaven was a safe place with people helping mcsers.
    PS Do you know Judith Spence? She’s at the Naet Clinic of Ottawa. Perhaps she can suggest a visiting doctor. Liz

    • Thanks Liz. When I can get my brain off “stuck on stupid” I’ll look into those (except the ones with long distance fees)

  2. I forgot to ask, if there’s anyone with plumbing experience or the ability to get to a plumbing store, what adapters would be necessary to attach a shower filter (with shower hose) to the kitchen tap so I can handwash clothes there when I need to?

  3. Hi, Linda. Sorry I have no info to share re water/filtering et al. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate having your blog to read. I appreciate all the links you’ve created. I’m curious if you have any info about Susie Collin’s reports (seemed to have stopped abruptly) about her Gupta training and also whether there’s any chance that the Canary Report members could re-group somehow. Or maybe they have. I sure miss the gang. Hope you are “well” and enjoying spring.
    Cheryl WT, Madison, WI

    • Thanks Cheryl. There’s so much I want to do but have to start from scratch now, as what I contributed to TCR is gone. Fortunately there’s more good info online now that it’s not as necessary that I do it, as I need to recover more before I can.
      I miss the group too… Apparently some people have moved to Planet Thrive, or the AU group, some of us are on facebook, others I don’t know.
      Last I heard from Susie she was doing very well and was considering starting another blog about her recovery, but not the Canary Report or the group. That’s all herstory.
      So much change happening… More people are regaining at least a good portion of their health… it’s good that more people have hope… and sad to see so many still in desperate circumstances.
      I’m doing much better, still have a long way to go, and more challenges to face, but I’m grateful for all the health improvements I’ve had here.

  4. Update… I called around regarding filtration options and was told that with regular water pressure, a shower filter would crack if used for a washing machine.
    I also asked around about installing a shower hose with filter to the kitchen sink, and that was also not possible… unless you have a friend in plumbing who can rig up all the adapters that would be required to make the ends fit!!!
    It might be so difficult because there may be a code thing due to back-wash issues (if that was the right term – water somehow going back into the pipes) but I didn’t understand that.
    No-one makes filters for washing machine use, they recommend whole house filtration.
    I was able to get a second carbon filter into the unit, instead of the pre-filter, as the water coming in is pretty clean and the pre-filter was not that useful.
    This is allowing me to wash my clothes in the kitchen sink instead of twisting over the bath-tub using shower filters, which I could no longer do anyway, due to my back not taking it any more.
    I still don’t have a washing machine.

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