Persevering Through Changes

Now is a time of great personal and planetary change.

We can be here as stewards of a truly precious resource, the planet earth, that which sustains us and nourishes us, that which provides air, water and food to us, as long as we don’t allow it to be pillaged and polluted beyond repair.

We can work on preserving and increasing whatever purity and sacredness is in ourselves and our planet, and indeed we must, for each other and for future generations.

Here is a simple story, told thru images I have found or made…

(source unknown)

(source unknown)

eradicating ecocide

(source unknown)

(source unknown)


change w photo by C_Hadfield

every moment

We have a lot more power than we think we do!

Alice Walker power

one person

helen keller quote

quote by Helen Keller or Edward Everett Hale

a possibilitarian

10 responses to “Persevering Through Changes

  1. Love your post!
    D.A. Hartley

  2. Thanks Linda. Some good encouraging thoughts in there. I realise I know quite a few apocaloptimists!

    • Ha!
      And thanks!
      I can’t decide which way to interpret the meaning of apocaloptimist… or if I even have to choose…
      On the one hand, it might imply an unwarranted optimism/wishful thinking while doing nothing to change anything, but on the other hand, it could imply a refusal to give up…

  3. Thank you for your gifts of being able to put all these things together, for the benefit of all of us who suffer from pollution and want a better world.

  4. I’m frustrated and exhilarated all at the same time reading this post. How can so few people “GET IT?” and yet thank God we are getting to the tipping point where the shift is on the side of those who do “GET IT!”

    • A lot of people are never exposed to a wide range of experience or literature or taught critical thinking skills so they can examine how to process the info they do encounter … Until something happens to them (or they see it on tv) it doesn’t exist…

      Now that so many people are having really difficult experiences that don’t fit into the mainstream media or medical message, and have to search out what is going on via alternative sources, they are learning there’s more than meets the eye…

      I am seeing a lot of really neat initiatives sprouting up, as more people develop the courage to speak up and share… Shift is happening!

  5. I wish I had bookmarked it but I don’t remember where I saw it — a while back I saw a short video that with drawings showed how Martin Luther King got the civil rights movement going with relatively few people but they all worked together. Somehow that is what we need to accomplish — if the millions of people with MCS/ES/EI spoke as one — the movement to eliminate toxins from our world would have unstoppable momentum.

    • So many people wish this was possible, but it seems that by the time people realize how serious and disabling MCS/ES can become, they no longer have the energy or access to work together…
      Still… we are now a part of a large and growing movement for planetary change :-)

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