Can a New Normal Be a Good Thing?

Over the years, when discussing life with MCS/ES, it is often mentioned that this is a life with a new normal. It’s a new normal that none of us asked for, and too often, it is not a very nice new normal at all.

Recently, I’ve been able to explore some of Charles Eisenstein’s work and ran across this quote:


I’m pretty sure he wasn’t thinking about MCS/ES when he said that, as we aren’t the only ones on this planet who are experiencing radical changes, but those of us with MCS/ES have been learning important lessons that we can share as a part of this new way of being that is slowly emerging.

When we develop MCS/ES, everything (or almost everything) changes.

We often lose our belongings, our jobs, our homes, and sometimes even our friends and families, because they are too immersed and saturated in a culture of toxic chemicals and substances that can have such immediately disabling effects on our bodies and brains, when the health effects others experience from the same exposures could take years to manifest. Now we also face wireless saturation, which is causing very similar and overlapping disabling health effects in some people as the fossil fuels and petrochemical exposures have done in others.

Despair, grief, anger and confusion are common early responses to having our lives torn away from us, but hopefully, those are just temporary states
(fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, some states of temporary just happen to be longer than others), as we learn new ways of being.

It’s possible to become jaded and cynical when we see so many new people becoming chemically  injured and “sensitive”, or made sick from inescapable wireless radiation, despite the many canaries who have been sounding alarms and keeling over for decades.

Searching for ways to live safely in a world that doesn’t seem very welcoming isn’t easy, but it can be too easy to become discouraged when finding what we need to survive is as challenging as it can be for so many with MCS/ES, especially when we are so sick and don’t receive the acceptance, understanding and supports we require to be able to heal and actually live our lives into a healthier new normal.

Yet, when we can access the resources and support to create safer, non-toxic homes, and feed ourselves with nourishing organic foods, when we’re no longer constantly isolated and struggling to survive the exposures that can seem like never-ending assaults, we can see that there are signs of change happening everywhere.

I think too many people are being hurt and abandoned by the old fossil system, a system that is no longer serving anyone but the few who still profit from it while the rest of us are somehow squeezed out, and through that squeezing, we are seeing that a different world is necessary, and even that a different world is possible! It’s almost like spring, with our seeds waiting for water and warmth.

The following piece was posted to fb recently and really touched me, so I’ll share a couple of paragraphs here:

2013: A Year that Pierced Me

…”I say a more beautiful world is possible. I say it from a knowing, and it touches the same knowing in anyone who listens. And that knowing generates fear and pain, because it has been betrayed, repeatedly, by a world that denies it. It denies its possibility and denies our power as creative agents to bring it into being. It says, like my inner voice of doubt, that the vision is a hallucination and that any efforts to serve it are futile. That denial, that betrayal of what we know was so brutal that we dare not believe again, and so we retreat into cynicism or despair.

I speak from a knowing, yet I just as much as anyone need help to believe. The help takes the form of the people, the gifts, the stories, and the positive developments in the world that I have mentioned. It also comes as wonder, awe, touch, dance, being held, being loved. All of these pierce the logic of normal and communicate more than any words can that my knowing is a true knowing. In those moments there can be no doubt. What I, as a child, knew becomes obvious once again. Yes, the world can be more magical, beautiful, playful, and authentic than what is offered as normal. Yes, I am here to contribute to such a world. Yes, I and everyone I meet, without exception, bears special gifts in order to make that contribution. Yes, every act, even the smallest, has untold significance and, therefore, yes, my life matters, as does the life of every being, without exception.”…

For more of Charles Eisenstein’s work

Sacred Economics

If you prefer listening to watching or reading, here are some soundclouds:

Thoughts to ponder…

I have and will continue to post about some of the things that are very wrong in the world today, but I also want people to know that becoming aware of what we need to move away from is often a necessary step on the path to where we are going. When we move forward with awareness, we are less likely to repeat the mistakes of the past.

let's be possibilitarians

6 responses to “Can a New Normal Be a Good Thing?

  1. Powerful video and thoughts. It is so true about being in our homes. I see the kids in the neighborhood when they get in their cars to go to soccer or baseball practice not playing it in the field. One neighbor I have lived near for for a decade and I do not know what the wife and child look like. :D

    • In my last home, I had a busy street with a big park across the street, so I saw a lot of traffic and different people coming and going, but it was hard to recognize regulars when I became more disabled and could no longer be outside on the porch or gardening due to the traffic and laundry fumes…
      Here I am tucked away behind a row of townhouses (so we don’t get exposed to traffic fumes as much) and my view is much smaller, consisting of a big cedar hedge, some pine trees, and a bunch of squirrels with a few birds for good measure (they all come around because I put food and water out for them) :-)
      Sometimes in the summers I see the neighborhood kids running around, but mostly I only see a couple of humans a week when I receive my organic food delivery and when a neighbor picks up her order, as it gets delivered here too.

  2. This is wonderful MCS Gal. I have a huge list of posts that I want to reblog and share. I am adding this near the top of the list.

  3. Reblogged this on Eaarth Animist.

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