Flame Retardants, Health, and Deception

If you haven’t seen the documentary Toxic Hot Seat yet, you (probably) don’t know what you’re missing! If you read the Chicago Tribune’s award winning series “Playing With Fire” a couple of years ago, then you do have an idea of what the film is about, but it is still very worth watching. We all need to understand the implications of what is discussed in this film. It affects each and every one of us.

Safer Chemicals Healthy Families‘ are streaming the film for free until December 7, 2014. Check out their website for all kinds of great info and actions you can take!

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toxic hot seat

Here are resources and an infographic on how to address flame retardants at home:

what to do about flame retardants

Here’s a resource should you wish to explore the issue deeper:


Flame retardants are found in a variety of household and other products and materials.

Global architecture and design firm Perkins+Will has released new research in response to the need for architects and interior designers to develop a better understanding of flame retardants and their impact on health.


Safe alternatives exist. Chemical industry profits are not a good reason to be poisoned.

6 responses to “Flame Retardants, Health, and Deception

  1. Oh wow! I didn’t know that about dust! I’m allergic to dust mites and so I don’t have a rug, but I didn’t know about flame retardants. Aaagh. Do these off gas at all, for example I have a couch but it’s 10 years old?

    • At this point, for your couch, it’s not so much off-gassing but off-dusting (slowly disintegrating).
      If you are allergic to dust, that means your dust is getting cleaned often and not piling up like mine, right? In that case, not so much a worry, they say.
      As long as whoever is removing the dust is removing it (not just blowing it around) as clouds of dust are never a good thing because of their chemical content these days.

  2. I am well aware of the dangers of flame retardants. Here in California there is a movement to have them removed. I have very little that can draw dust mites and put my blankets and pillows in the dryer frequently to help.

    • The film shows some of the California people involved in that movement :-) Quite a few firefighters there…

      I have way too much dust here (lack of safe tools and body to keep it under control) but I also have very few things that have any flame retardants added, and those are the tech things, not furnishings.

  3. Watch the ground breaking film Toxic Hot Seat and read more about this ‘hot’ issue here.

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