What I Wear In Bad Air :: Heather D.


2016 Heather Drakonis in VOG mask

“I never leave home without it. I picked the fun looking Space Invaders to try and make others more comfortable with me. I take the bus once or twice a month to Seattle for my medicine. With my mask I have reduced my pneumonia by almost 60%. I do feel like people think I’m going to make them sick. Some cross the street with their children. It saves my life, but hurts my feelings. I just want society to understand that my mask is no threat to them.”

~ Heather Drakonis

For more info on masks, please see

When We HAVE to Wear A Mask to Breathe and Function

Please take action in whatever way you can to ensure we ALL have the right to a healthy environment, and so industries are stopped from polluting us for profit.

also, please

Be fragrance-free. It’s good for you, it’s good for me.

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4 responses to “What I Wear In Bad Air :: Heather D.

  1. irene carlson

    where to buy a decent mask in Canada

  2. Many of the other mask posts mention specifically what mask is shown. Is the mask that Heather is wearing custom made or is it something that is available through a retail vendor?

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