There Is No Right to Wear Fragranced Products

“there is no right to wear fragranced products”

Accommodation for Environmental Sensitivities: Legal Perspective
2007 Canadian Human Rights Commission

5 responses to “There Is No Right to Wear Fragranced Products

  1. I had a US doc tell us it was his cultural right to wear cologne and even though it would cause my dtg anaphylaxis he thought he could scope her with his cologne on Luckily he was in the hall having it out with me when he said that and the nurse manager wrote him up It continues to be a problem 15 years later in the same hospital No one cares about the patient first

  2. I have heard from so many people who have been harmed by their health “care” providers.

    Makes me wonder what they are putting in fragranced products to make them so addictive that even medical people won’t give them up.

    Toxic Chemicals Found in Fragrance

    Fragranced consumer products: exposures and effects from emissions

    “34.7 % of the population reported one or more types of adverse health effects from exposure to one or more types of fragranced products.

    The most common types of adverse effects were as follows:

    18.6 % respiratory problems; 16.2 % mucosal symptoms; 15.7 % migraine headaches; 10.6 % skin problems; 8.0 % asthma attacks; 7.2 % neurological problems; 5.8 % cognitive problems; 5.5 % gastrointestinal problems; 4.4 % cardiovascular problems; 4.0 % immune system problems; 3.8 % musculoskeletal problems; and 1.7 % other.”

    Health and societal effects from exposure to fragranced consumer products (AU)
    …”Finally, for public officials, the problem of “secondhand scents,” or indirect exposure to fragranced products, has parallels to secondhand tobacco smoke. Prevention from fragrance product exposure will enable individuals to work in their workplaces, attend school, and function in society without suffering involuntary harm.” …

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  4. Keep in mind that “inconvenience, morale, and preferences are not valid considerations in assessing whether an accommodation would cause undue hardship” (OHRC)

    This post deals with competing rights

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