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I humbly ask for your support to help me through winter

 Linda in garden

Me, in happier days.

My father passed away Nov 28 after suffering another heart attack. Despite his own frail health, and despite not having much help or support to do so, he did everything he could to help keep me alive. This was very stressful for him during a time he should have been able to rest, and look after his own health.

More than anything, I wanted him to see me safely settled somewhere, but sadly this was not what happened. My poor health, lack of appropriate assistance, and limited income have meant safe housing has not been in reach for me.

He was very worried about the winter conditions at the rustic one-room summer cabin I’ve been staying in, and was going to help make things more surviveable as the conditions here are very challenging, but tragically he died before he could do so. That and the fact that the Ontario Disability Support Program has not reimbursed me several hundred dollars in emergency dental fees that they should have covered, along with the cold and the winter food procurement issues, have left me in some serious practical and financial hardships.

I hate to ask for help, and wouldn’t if I didn’t need to, but I would really appreciate any gift or donation you can spare to help me get through winter here. Getting food and staying warm is expensive here. The money will not be wasted on anything frivolous, but be used for survival essentials only. And you will have my undying gratitude.

Please send donations to my bank to be deposited in savings, where I can access by phone. I do not have safe computer access for paypal. To donate:

A cheque can be sent payable to “Linda Sepp c/o The Estonian (Toronto) Credit Union Ltd.,” to be deposited into the savings account at:

Estonian (Toronto) Credit Union Ltd.
958 Broadview Avenue
Toronto Ontario M4K 2R6
Phone (416) 465-4659
Phone 1-866-844-3828
Fax (416) 465-8442

One note: Please do not send money if you also live below poverty line and are struggling to make ends meet.

I sincerely hope you all are as well as can be. I send you my love and warm wishes for Christmas or however you spend the season. And for a healthy happy new year!

With thanks and gratitude,