I humbly ask for your support to help me through winter

 Linda in garden

Me, in happier days.

My father passed away Nov 28 after suffering another heart attack. Despite his own frail health, and despite not having much help or support to do so, he did everything he could to help keep me alive. This was very stressful for him during a time he should have been able to rest, and look after his own health.

More than anything, I wanted him to see me safely settled somewhere, but sadly this was not what happened. My poor health, lack of appropriate assistance, and limited income have meant safe housing has not been in reach for me.

He was very worried about the winter conditions at the rustic one-room summer cabin I’ve been staying in, and was going to help make things more surviveable as the conditions here are very challenging, but tragically he died before he could do so. That and the fact that the Ontario Disability Support Program has not reimbursed me several hundred dollars in emergency dental fees that they should have covered, along with the cold and the winter food procurement issues, have left me in some serious practical and financial hardships.

I hate to ask for help, and wouldn’t if I didn’t need to, but I would really appreciate any gift or donation you can spare to help me get through winter here. Getting food and staying warm is expensive here. The money will not be wasted on anything frivolous, but be used for survival essentials only. And you will have my undying gratitude.

Please send donations to my bank to be deposited in savings, where I can access by phone. I do not have safe computer access for paypal. To donate:

A cheque can be sent payable to “Linda Sepp c/o The Estonian (Toronto) Credit Union Ltd.,” to be deposited into the savings account at:

Estonian (Toronto) Credit Union Ltd.
958 Broadview Avenue
Toronto Ontario M4K 2R6
Phone (416) 465-4659
Phone 1-866-844-3828
Fax (416) 465-8442

One note: Please do not send money if you also live below poverty line and are struggling to make ends meet.

I sincerely hope you all are as well as can be. I send you my love and warm wishes for Christmas or however you spend the season. And for a healthy happy new year!

With thanks and gratitude,

14 responses to “I humbly ask for your support to help me through winter

  1. Dear Linda, I read about your situation when I first joined The Canary Report and could see how many Canaries cared about you and were very worried for you. I have been thinking about you and I was glad to read that you are continuing to fight the good fight. You have my condolences on the death of your father, I am so sorry things didnt work out the way you both planned.
    Your letter asking for support touched me deeply. We are all ONE in this struggle of MCS so please accept the small contribution I plan to send. Small amounts add up to just enough. I wish you improved health, peace and comfort as we start a new year. God bless you.
    Linda K.

  2. Blessings for the post, Linda! We are all one. We will be sharing this post and hope for more caring people. If it wasn’t for others subsidizing our effort, Bob and I would not have been able to do what we are doing, which is working toward health and recovery. Fresh air, healthy food, tolerated clothing and safe housing should not be on a wish list for anyone.

  3. Hi Linda,
    I wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you, and that my husband and I have sent a donation to your bank. It went out in today’s mail, so should be there next week sometime.

  4. -condolences and best wishes through this difficult time. -somehow, have survived disability and social assistance- sometimes, via a tent, cabin, -and, not sure how, sometimes, -adding a voice to ‘the whos.. in whoville’ -‘we are here…
    -we are here…. -we are here….’

  5. Aloha, Linda

    I am so sorry to learn of your loss. We have been thinking of you, and now I hear how life is for you. Please know we are sending you prayers of care, and when there is more we will send that to your bank. Like Connie, we know that without others to assist and care for us along the way we would be done with this Earth life. Love and Care your way dear.


  6. Is the paypal account still alive? Can we send funds there? Thanks!

  7. Thank you all for your support and kindness. It means so much to me. The Canary community is truly a wonderful one!

    I am now back online and slowly finding my way around the internet again.
    A dear friend I met on facebook went to great lengths to get me an off-gassed laptop when I discovered I could get telephone service here and they had DSL on the line. So here I am again! I am very grateful to be so blessed.

    I am still at the summer cabin, without running water or a bathroom, but my health is better because the exposures are low here. I still have symptoms of brain injury that haven’t healed, but my physical strength has improved a lot, and the brain fog is diminishing.

    Life is getting a bit easier, as of very recently, I am no longer spending all my time on the most basic survival needs and then recovering from that.
    Oddly enough, I can speak way better than I can think or write!

    A local woman has been helping me with my survival needs, I wouldn’t have made it without her. She and her daughter shop for me, she empties and cleans her bathroom every week so I can safely shower there once a week, and get my water there twice a week (it’s a 25 km round trip each time). There is no way to properly express my gratitude to them.

    The donations I received from this post went to urgent car repairs (to the exhaust system), and helped me pay for the natural foods co-op orders, as they need to be paid in advance, and things bought in bulk.

    Now I need help to pay for car insurance.
    My dad used to help with all the car related expenses. The 1st payment for the annual insurance is due in just over a week. ODSP still hasn’t reimbursed me for the dental fees, or the months they didn’t pay shelter costs, or a utility bill they were supposed to be paying, (which has now gone to a collection agency in my name), and they are still deducting money from my cheque for supposed overpayments. For a system that is supposed to be a support, they have made it seem like they don’t care what happens to the people who depend on them.
    Even with help, months later, none of the problems with them have been resolved.

    Without the car insurance, I can’t drive, and if I can’t drive, I can’t get water. Without water…

    To a more positive note, thanks to my home-made bird feeders, I have been kept company here by chickadees, squirrels, blue-jays, wild turkeys, redpolls, crows, and a little screech owl. It has been very peaceful, and is contributing to my healing.

    Now my heart also goes out to all the people in New Zealand and Japan, as well as elsewhere in the world, where so many are suffering.

  8. Linda, I have a few safe shirts in sizes 2 & 4 petite that I’ve been saving for an EI. You look like you are too tall for these sizes, but if you could use them they are yours. Most are cotton, some linen. They have been washed in filtered well water with either or all of following: baking soda, vinegar, Shakee fragrance-free laundry detergent, sodium hexametaphosphate. All are in reasonable condition. Some have never been worn. Most are several years old.

  9. Annique, it is very kind of you to offer, but yes, I am too big… I wear size 10-12, and looser is better. I am sure there is someone whom they will fit perfectly though. Perhaps if you keep an eye on the new blog that looks to match up people who have needs with people who can meet them: http://practicalmcs.blogspot.com/p/please-read.html

  10. Since I am back online, I now have access to paypal again, so if anyone is able and would rather help me by paypal than cheque, my email there is lindaswellness AT hotmail.com (remove the spaces and AT and substitute @ ).
    Thank you.


  11. jennine gazkin

    Hi Linda, just wanted to say hello, Im glad you are still alive. Im fighting with housing connections with Human rights behind me, getting sicker by the day, afraid of a very serious relapse, sleeping in the car. I have no money to send you but I wish you strength. xoxo

  12. Thank you jennine… So sorry to hear what you are suffering through. I wish you much strength and love and a good break in your circumstances. No-one should have to endure these horrors. I hope society wakes up before it’s too late.

  13. Hi Linda,
    I have mcs as well, and for about an 6 month period experienced some of the horrors of not being able to wear practically any clothes without reacting to them. So I know what you mean when you say that you had worn the some rugged outfit for months on end and then had to throw it out. I wore clothes for weeks, 6 weeks or so then they would have to hit the trash b/c they were so filthy and I was getting reactions to all laundry detergent. Wanted to tell you about Kasper Organics…their company of clothes was a complete God send to me during my clothes nightmare. She has dye free long sleeve, short sleeve shirts and some pants to that are dye free. and they are the most reasonably priced organic clothes i was able to fine. I only wore clothes from there for a few months straight. Luckily I am out of the severe clothing situation, iv glutithione detoxification got me out of that nightmare…but I am so respectful of all you are having to go through. I will pray for you. Blessings, Beth

  14. Hi Beth,
    Thank you.
    So sorry you’ve had to live through those horrors too.
    Thanks for the heads up re those clothes.
    For now anyway, I’m not going to order from the US as I’ve been dinged with such high customs/duty fees it isn’t funny. I’m going to have to survive the winter with what I wore last winter, it should be easier now that I don’t have to shovel my way to the outhouse every morning, and can wash my one detoxed flannel shirt, or sweatshirt when I need to, am up to it, and without having to go outside without them while they dry.
    I haven’t been able to detox any new clothes here due to the setup not being conducive or safe to do so by hand detox, and I don’t have machines.
    But, I made it through last year in much harsher circumstances, so another year without a full change of winter clothes won’t be such a big deal.
    Maybe next year things won’t require so much detoxing to be safe enough to wear.
    I hope your health continues to improve too.

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