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MCS Car Repair Safety Precautions

This note can be modified to suit individual needs.

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Car Repair Safety Precautions (when taking the car in for any work)

Would you please ensure that the enclosed notice is taped visibly to the driver’s side car window, and that anyone who works on the car is made aware of the precautions necessary to prevent an accidental use of products which would render the car unusable to me.

Thank you.

I have severe environmental and chemical sensitivities and allergies, etc. to a wide assortment of chemicals contained in cleaning and other petrochemical products.

In order to make sure the car remains safe for me to drive, can you please take the following precautions:

No-one with gas, oil, cologne, aftershave, scented soap or lotion residues on their hands should touch the car interior.

No smoking in the car, or anyone who has just been smoking.

Use clean disposeable gloves or paper towel to touch doorknobs, handles, steering wheel, etc.

Make sure the seat and steering wheel are fully covered before touching or sitting.

(I may provide a mylar emergency blanket to cover the seat with)

Do not use WD-40 or other products on door hinges or anywhere inside. If any interior lubrication is necessary, please advise and we will research a safe alternative product.

Do not, under any circumstances, use any cleaning or air “freshening” products in or near the car.

Please do call  if there are any questions

Thank you for your co-operation.