Worth Reading: Other Bloggers Write About MCS/ES and ME/CFS

Worth Reading

Fergiemoto wrote about the challenges she faces due to having MCS and fragrance chemical proliferation. I love her illustrations!  See Human Canaries and Friendship.


Sharon, a writer and service dog partner who also has Lyme Disease and other disabilities, wrote about how MCS affects her life here: How MCS Affects Sharon


Phoenix Rising posted this great piece by Carol Schmid who examines what it is about the nature of ME/CFS that makes it likely to generate skepticism. There are many similarities with MCS/ES. See:  The ME/CFS Stigma


8 responses to “Worth Reading: Other Bloggers Write About MCS/ES and ME/CFS

  1. Here’s another blog worth checking out: http://mychemicalfreehouse.blogspot.ca/

  2. Thank you very much for the mention and the link back to my blog!

  3. Doris Michaelis-Cote

    As I read the piece by Carol Schmid on ME/CFS, I could relate it to many of my symptoms giving me insight into rethinking my diagnosis years ago of MCS/EI and nearing the end of the piece I sobbed as I read how we, as sufferers, are being treated with less dignity and humaneness than a poor suffering animal, who, in my experience, receives much more sympathy and expert care than we do, and they get to be put out of their misery by euthenasia (sorry spelling) when necessary – we are abandoned by medical who are supposed to care for us, and forced to be left to our own remedies, and as our ability to concentrate and remember becomes harder, we become disoriented and confused, alone and in dispair. No wonder we may look for a way out not because we do not love life, but because we can no longer cope with our day to day panic with the realization of isolation with no life-boats aboard. I, myself, can realize this feeling all to clearly as my long battle seems to be coming to an end. Where is the strength to keep going? How did I make it this far at 60 years old and cannot remember being able to really feel joy of living. I truly feel hopeless.

    • I can so relate to what you say Doris. And it is so wrong that we are treated like this…
      I once thought we needed a website with our photos and stories like they have for animals that are up for adoption, so people might adopt a few of our needs…
      As for the strength to keep going?
      It’s one foot in front of the other, one moment at a time…
      I’ve posted about what kept me sane when going during my darkest moments, when I wasn’t overwhelmed by symptoms and struggling to survive them…
      Panic helps no-one, nor does living in a state of fear. Being aware is helpful, but we can be aware without panic or fear.
      I also try to do something for others, to reach out of my isolation, be it on the internet, or by feeding the birds and squirrels. Lately there has also been a Cottontail that drops by most nights. Helping others in whatever small way I am able to helps me be more hopeful.
      I hope and pray for better days for everyone.

  4. Hi everyone mcs symptoms are bizarre i experienced this awfulness. I was so sick from every chemical smell, feeling fatigue nervousness blood rushing in my head in my chest heart i cried alot it is so scary! I started researching about mcs, i had read its possible to overcome this illness, i tried eating alot of fruits and vegetable i also tried to stay ventilated and avoid chemicals but as soon i felt the blood rush in my head from a chemical smell it was back to mcs. I really want to share with the world what has worked for me so simple yet took me 3 years to learn this and i must say its a miracle! I recommend extra virgin olive oil, you can drink some, eat it with some foods or simply apply it to your skin or hair and smell the aroma and i swear its going to help tremendously. If your wondering just research extra virgin olive oil benefits and you will understand and trying it you will be a genius! Also lemonade is extremely important in curing mcs just 2 or 3 glasses of lemonade sugar no sugar its ok just drink lemonade first on day one, let the lemon take its course in your body then in the next day or two long behold the extra virgin olive oil and you may drink it eat it or apply to your skin or hair and i swear in 2 ,3 days you will be extremely happy and relieved!!! No joke seriously!!! Good luck to everyone godbless!!!

    • Good news that these things helped you so much! Thanks for sharing.

      Some of us have incorporated lemons and olive oil into our diets for years and haven’t been cured, so maybe they addressed a deficiency you still had after cleaning up the rest of your diet and home?

      There are so many routes to developing MCS and people respond in different ways to different therapies, depending on genetics, types of exposures, lifestyle, etc.

      Diet is so very important for everyone now. Our food supply is so polluted with GMOs and plastics, pesticides and other pollutants from sewage sludge (which was reclassified from hazardous waste to fertilizer when some “genius” found a way to monetize it – and even fracking waste water is being used to irrigate crops in California now, maybe elsewhere too).

      So organic foods, not processed, home made or single ingredients are the best. Lots of nutrient dense vegetables are a must. Extra supplementation is also usually extremely beneficial, especially if targeted to your needs (sometimes testing is available). People are having success from adopting gut healing diets to address the adverse effects of pesticides and antibiotics. The gut brain connection is an important one.

      In the end, ur bodies were not meant to deal with 24/7 exposures to pollutants, so even if you do recover, it’s best to avoid consuming, ingesting, absorbing, or breathing them as much as is possible, because some exposures develop into cancers many years later, especially with the chemical cocktails we are exposed to these days. And, the more people demand non-toxic products and materials, the more suppliers will work to fill the demans (if they want to stay in business).

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