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We Know (Some of You) Try


Guest post poetry by Sandy Lippert

You probably think you are all fragrance free,

But it doesn’t wash away so easily.

I’m certain of all your efforts and know how hard you try,

But when you come to visit, I’m just getting by.

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Sometimes They Listen, Sometimes They Don’t

(This post is for us, not so much for those who’ve made it clear they can’t hear us)

There have been a lot of online arguments lately, where people just aren’t listening to each other. I know this phenomenon isn’t limited to what’s happening online either, especially when it comes to people choosing petroleum based fragrances (or other petrochemical products and materials) over family and friends, or worse, over the health of their children! (yes, it happens, and it’s happening far too often these days)


(naninanipoopoo is something my kids used to say when they wanted me to know they weren’t going to listen to me)

Then, just like the fragrance industry is doing, by creating fragrances for absolutely everything, I too  was inspired to come up with a fragrance for that: Continue reading

2013… Friends, I Remember and Won’t Forget

skeleton 2

The world lost three amazing women and I lost three good friends in the first three months of this year. Linda left her poisoned body behind in January. Janine left her poisoned body behind in February. Connie left her poisoned body behind  in March.

I’m pretty sure MCS was not mentioned on any of their death certificates, but MCS  certainly had a far greater impact on each their lives, and their family lives than any listed cause of death did.

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Worth Reading: Other Bloggers Write About MCS/ES and ME/CFS

Worth Reading

Fergiemoto wrote about the challenges she faces due to having MCS and fragrance chemical proliferation. I love her illustrations!  See Human Canaries and Friendship.


Sharon, a writer and service dog partner who also has Lyme Disease and other disabilities, wrote about how MCS affects her life here: How MCS Affects Sharon


Phoenix Rising posted this great piece by Carol Schmid who examines what it is about the nature of ME/CFS that makes it likely to generate skepticism. There are many similarities with MCS/ES. See:  The ME/CFS Stigma


Friendship and Fragrance

There are reasons people choose and enjoy isolation, but developing disabling adverse effects from the toxic chemicals in everyday products and materials is seldom one of them.

Do you know someone who says fragrances bother or disable them? Chances are pretty good that you do, now that 34.7% of the population experience adverse effects, ranging from mild to severe and disabling, from fragrance exposures.

When your friend, family member, or colleague informs you that something you use has an adverse effect on them, how would you respond?

Do you choose the friendship? Or the product?

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