Who Needs A Healthy Home?

We All Do! But for Children and People With MCS/ES, it is Crucial!

Healthy Homes and Healthy Environments Sustain Life

Love is always a good thing too!

So, what’s the problem? Check out this great short video:

A Wake-Up Story

See some great tips for creating healthy housing here:

Video: Creating Healthy Home Environments for Kids: Top 5 Tips


Each of the 5 tips has a dedicated webpage, with additional info, FAQs and useful links.






Everyone needs a healthy, non-toxic home.


It’s totally unconscionable  that we are now surrounded by toxic chemicals in everyday products and materials. Until we manage to get regulations prohibiting these things, we need to act on our own, learn what the dangers are, and make the changes ourselves.

Creating a healthy, nurturing home has so many benefits, better short and long term health being at the top of the list… You might find yourself having more energy, and fewer if any headaches and other pain once you eliminate common pollutants.

Fragrance chemicals top that list of indoor pollutants! Fact sheet on fragrances is here:


Health and Love

Healthy Homes for people with MCS/ES (and others):

From CERA:  Environmental Sensitivities and Housing

Resources (many of these tips apply to single family dwellings too):

“Creating Healthy Apartments: What You Need to Know” pamphlet. English

Creating Healthy Housing: Guidelines for Multi-Unit Housing Providers. English

Creating Healthy Multi-Unit Housing: A Resource Guide. PDF

For more, please visit CERA’s website:


What are the things you have done that improved your indoor air quality the most?

2 responses to “Who Needs A Healthy Home?

  1. A dehumidifier has made my life more comfortable because when it rains outside, moulds don’t/can’t come in because the machine drys out the air. Mould can’t grow inside either. And an air filter. Oh, and the foil covering the pine floors :)

    • I am so glad you are able to make things work for you there Miche!

      Making sure it’s not too humid (or too dry in some cases) makes a big difference!

      I used to have an HRV (heat recovery ventilator) here, which is great when the outdoor air is good, but unless you have one with VOC filtration, it will also pollute the indoor air if there’s pollution outside, and they need to be turned off then.
      When the one here broke down, management decided it was better to replace than repair, and that got bungled up (I never did post the follow up), so, over a year and a half later, I still don’t have an HRV, and finding a safe, non-toxic de-hu hasn’t made it to my never ending and never caught up on to-do list…

      I totally need air and water filters, and have had to “wallpaper” a couple of the raw (unpainted) concrete brick storage areas with sheets of mylar in order to be able to use them.

      But all that said, having housing as “healthy” as this place is, which is chemically so much safer than any other (affordable) place I saw that was for rent in this province, has been a major blessing and is allowing me to slowly heal from all the toxic damage I suffered in Toronto.

      I am still 98% housebound, but have been regaining brain function ever since I got here. I am still not back to my previous normal brain function, (EMF/EMR and a few other things are still issues here, and my toxic brain injury was severe) although there have been moments when everything suddenly (and briefly) worked like it used to!!! and I’ve even had days where I felt more like a human being instead of a constantly struggling to do anything disabled being, and for me, that is HUGE!

      I wish with all my heart and soul that everyone can have healthy housing, and that unhealthy housing ceases to exist!

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