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Fireworks… Pretty Toxic!

Not only do they scare the living daylights out of so many dogs and other creatures, they also pollute our air, water and bodies!

Are We Celebrating Life or Death?

Let's find safer ways to celebrate

Let’s find safer ways to celebrate

Are these substances life supporting?

Aluminum, Antimony sulfide, Arsenic compounds, Barium , Cadmium, carcinogens, Copper compounds, dioxin, gunpowder, heavy metals , Lead Dioxide, Polychlorinated, dioxins, Lithium compounds, Mercury, Nitric oxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Ozone, Perchlorate , radioactivity, Rubidium, Strontium, Sulfur Dioxide and others…

Perhaps we should celebrate with life supportive ways instead?

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The State Fire Marshall, an office within Cal Fire, has the statutory mandate to manage seized fireworks which are hazardous waste in most cases.

“The toxicological research has shown that many of the metallic particles in the smoke from fireworks are bio-reactive and can affect human health,”

Note, some sites are including a campfire in their supposedly non-toxic alternatives suggestions, but woodsmoke is highly problematic as well.