Our Brains Matter: Brain Facts Primer

Neuroscience is a fascinating and fairly recent area of study. For those of you who wish to learn more, I have discovered this helpful resource. Brain Facts dot org has a free primer download on the brain and nervous system (see below).

Too many of us are currently in possession of brains and nervous systems that are more or less immediately and adversely affected from exposures to toxic chemicals, some molds, wireless and other environmental contaminants.

As one of these people, I have been fascinated by the changes that occur in my brain at times, (despite the fact that most of the changes are highly disruptive and disabling instead of pleasant) and so I am really trying to learn more about these processes and what might be happening.

I have often wished I was better able to have some of them scientifically tested too, by perhaps calling 1-800-NEUROVAN when an exposure is causing symptoms and changes, and having an MCS/ES safe mobile unit arrive where some tests could be run.

I also hope that as the field of neuroscience progresses, more energy is spent on learning more about neurotoxic substances that are disrupting our brain functions and activities, and then using that science and energy to get those substances off the market instead of just declaring them to be problematic (understatement – we need our brains fully functional, and no-one should have the right to commit toxic trespass into them) or even searching for drugs to alter the damage, since so many drugs have side-effects that can be worse than the problems they aim to treat (especially for those of us who develop adverse symptoms from the synthetic substances so many drugs are made of).

Download the primer from the page at the link below the photo:

PS… I don’t know enough about brain research to know if there are any specific “controversies”  or disputes, or which are hard and fast facts that don’t change under any circumstances. I do know that this is a field still in its relative infancy, so new knowledge could develop that makes some of the current understandings obsolete.

Whenever I am interested in a subject, I learn from as many different sources as I can to see where they agree and disagree (or did in the past, as I am still not recovered from the toxic/chemical brain injury, so am limited as to when and how much I learn now) and I read everything I run across with openings big enough for at least a few grains of salt.

I mention this not at all to insinuate that this or any other resource might be flawed, it is just to say that our knowledge is evolving.

I am delighted to have this primer and look forward to studying and learning from it.

Thank you to BrainFacts.org and the Society for Neuroscience for making this info accessible.

5 responses to “Our Brains Matter: Brain Facts Primer

  1. Thank you very much! I often wondered why science was spending so much money on studying how to mess humans up and not enough to fix them from the human-made problems. As a child I’d read about studies with monkeys given robot monkey mothers who became “neurotic” but nothing about how to make those monkeys feel better. It left me feeling hopelessly broken even as a child. When I was 16 my rat companion got sick so I took her to Cornell U’s small animal vet. The vet looked baffled as all he knew was how to make rats sick and cut them up afterwards, not heal them. We know so much about the terrible effects of petrochemicals, radiation and EMFs on humans, and we already have some info on GMOs. Where are the scientists working to repair that? No one funds that study. I feel bad for scientists who put out the results of tests and the governments minimize the information, keep the proven poison on the shelves even though they know it is terrible. They give the public the illusion of choice: Choose your own poison or have others poison you. Never the choice to not be poisoned.

    • It makes sense to me that if a substance is shown to cause harm, that substance should be removed from the market.

      Science should be determining how precaution can be implemented, and precaution (health and environment) should be prioritized over a corporate right to make money.

      Of course we also need research on how to repair damage, but almost all the research I see now is on that end of the spectrum, developing drugs to modify some damage or malfunction (while doing who knows what else at the same time) instead of discovering and educating how to prevent the problems.

      But, as my post about doubts pointed out (and there’s a follow-up to it), as well as the guinea pig posts, there’s an awful lot of money spent discrediting legitimate independent research and advancing corporate/industry friendly policies everywhere.

      As long as people continue to believe the product commercials and insinuations that government policies are protecting us, it will be difficult to fight for precaution and independent honest research (except by those of us who have been injured or know someone who has been injured).

      With governments pulling most funding from scientific research and allowing industry “science” to replace it, we are seeing problems increase.

      My comment is rambling, there’s something toxic in the outdoor air today… I want to be reading this primer, but I can’t retain enough now because something in my brain is malfunctioning due to whatever is blowing in the air. It could be asphalt, I did hear some trucks working/beeping in the distance. Asphalt is horrible for my brain.

  2. These are wonderful facts about brain is essentially to be known by us. I’ve heard it brain weighs about 3 pounds.

    Thanks for sharing the great info :-)

  3. Thanks, Linda! My blog is now moving in the direction of neuroscience . . . It takes a bit of time because one has to educate oneself . . . But I find the field of neuroscience fascinating and hopeful in regard to MCS.

    • Neurotoxic chemicals can definitely affect our brain chemistry…
      I really wish I was able to work with someone on some research ideas!
      And I also wish we had mobile units that we could call up to run tests before and after exposures…
      So much goes on in our brains and bodies and there is so little understanding of how toxic chemicals and wireless radiation are affecting us.

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