MCS Video Interviews

Enlightening (in a relative way)…

Before watching, it might be helpful to get really grounded and plan how you will deal with the emotions that come up.

These interviews and the roundtable discussion were filmed in Sante Fe, New Mexico in 1995. Parts of this piece are in the full documentary, Homesick: Living With Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

Also check out MCS Under Siege by Ann McCampbell, MD

Learn more about the film Homesick at:

may all beings be free

7 responses to “MCS Video Interviews

  1. Interesting!. I had no idea that MCS was identified so long ago.

    • Yes, there’s a long history of “disappearing” the truth… with the result that so many more people are suffering, unnecessarily.

      However, because so many people are now affected with obvious cause and effect/adverse health effects to products, it has become so much more difficult to hide…

      That said, way too many people are misdiagnosed.

      Here is Dr Doris Rapp on the Phil Donahue Show:

      Here they discuss perfumes and chemicals

      Here’s another episode that is mostly about food allergies and the devastating results on some kids in 1988

      • Thanks. I’ll bookmark these and watch them later. My personal opinion is that many allergies that kids have today are at least in part due to all the chemicals in their world. I don’t recall kids having food allergies when I was young and most food was cooked from scratch.

        • I think you are right about that… Some people call it the “hygiene hypothesis” but without emphasizing the toxic chemicals involved which can be altering our biological ability to process things naturally (and we were not designed to process a constant onslaught of toxic chemicals that alter our bio-logical processes).

          Our food and growing processes have changed a lot over the last decades too, mainly by adding a slew of highly toxic pesticides (and fungicides and other cides).

          These toxic chemicals aren’t helping us…

          Epigenetic research is showing that our parents’ and grandparents’ exposures can be affecting us too, and our exposures can affect our grandchildren…

          I still find it hard to believe that after all the work and awareness that was raised in the 80s, we are where we are now, with so little progress, and so many more kids with brain cancer, autism, learning disabilities, asthma, etc… I do not think this is ok when we know how to prevent so much of this suffering.

          I wish I could afford a multi-billion dollar advertising campaign to let people know how to protect their health…

          Either that, or somehow encourage everyone who is affected to start blogging about it :-)

  2. I just discovered that somehow the video in this post had mysteriously changed from the roundtable discussion filmed by Susan Abod to the one that features Dr. L. Christine Oliver from Harvard Medical School and is pinned to the top of this blog… Very strange… I’ve put the right one back and hope it stays put this time.

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