Blog-Share: Brain-Fog Part One

I found a blog post with some great descriptions of brain fog and how it can affect those of us who have it. Click on the link title to read Sarah’s stories:

Brain-Fog_Part One.

too foggy

I can relate to so many of the descriptions, having had very similar experiences for  years…

And I am so very glad that I can now make my daily (fair trade, organic) coffee and do other slightly more complex things without needing to exhaust myself using all my (still limited) energy and effort to remain mindful focusing on whatever task is on hand. (The ability to hold more than one thought in my mind and do two things at once again has created new challenges, but that’s another story)

Fun times, not… even though they can make some funny stories when we feel better!

3 responses to “Blog-Share: Brain-Fog Part One

  1. Great blog! I love your brain fog picture and I’m very very happy you are less foggy at the moment and can have coffee. 💚 My fog has been up and down and … why did I come in this room again? :D

    • My fogs were lifting 2 years ago and then I got seriously pesticided in the summer of 2015 when they were spraying the entire area because of wild parsnip. The drift was in the air for weeks. I never fully recovered and got hit with stuff this summer again. Plus other unavoidable exposures … The outdoor air in this area is just not good for me :-(
      But I can still have a bit of coffee every day… organic fair trade!

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