Where Are We Going?

I have done a lot of thinking (when brain fog isn’t an issue) about my life, where I’ve come from, where I am, and where I am going… Over the years I’ve also tried to understand how things end up the way they are, how policy decisions are made, and how our own decisions and actions (or lack there-of) affect our future and how future generations will live.

We live in some very challenging times, and it can get quite over-whelming and depressing when we see that our so called “leaders” are taking actions that will make things worse for everyone.

I don’t like feeling hopeless. For lack of a better word right now, it feels yucky! And having a chronic, environmentally linked condition means I already have more than enough yuck in my life.

I think we have more power and capabilities than we understand or give ourselves credit for, but it’s not easy discovering how to access them.

What I am learning is that if we accept the status quo and don’t do anything to change it, then others often will, for good or for bad… But trying to stop all the “bad” (once we become aware of it), can become quite exhausting, and when we have limited time or energy to begin with, then it helps to find the most effective ways we can to focus our attention, and then to apply it to something else.

another world

But how?

It helps to have a vision, and why not make it the best vision we can? Why should we accept that just getting through life  is the best we can do? Why not aim for something better?

Here’s an idea:

By Mike Hudema

Apparently being sick helps me think deep thoughts. Here is my latest:

“Close your eyes, if only for a moment, and dream. Dream of what makes you happy, dream of what makes you want to live, dream of what you love, and dream of the world you want.

Now when you wake, don’t leave that dream but take it with you. Make it a reality. Breathe life into it and fight for its survival.

Make what you love central to your life and help others do the same. Don’t accept that it needs to be relegated to the sidelines, an after work activity between re-runs, but make it sing, make it dance and protect that which is now sacred.

Life is too precious to live in carefully constructed walls. Only when we take them down will we find each other and know what it truly means to live.”

by lms

I’ve been dreaming of a world where there is no right to pollute, and where the precautionary principle, love and respect for all living beings guide our activities.

I’ve been dreaming of a world where people don’t get MCS/ES, and until we create that world, I dream of a world in which people who have developed MCS/ES, Fibromyalgia, autism, MS, asthma, or any other chronic environmentally linked condition are able to find safe, healing housing, organic foods, clean air and water, appropriate health care, safe social environments, and everything else that is needed to live and love in life and community.

Will you join me with similar dreams?


2 responses to “Where Are We Going?

  1. Beautifully and eloquently said as usual, Linda. Thanks for this meditation on crafting a better world for all.

    • Thank you!
      Even if we are housebound, we can dream of a better world and do a little something towards making it happen!

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