Who Likes Ad Free Blogs?

I do! I do!

Almost a year ago I paid extra to keep this blog free of ads (ads which I have no control over).  The year is about to expire, but I can’t afford to pay now, so if anyone would like to help keep this blog ad-free, please head over to the DANA page, scroll down to the bottom (with or without reading the whole page),  and click on “donate”.

ads or no ads

The decision rests with you!

3 responses to “Who Likes Ad Free Blogs?

  1. I would like an ad-free blog too but I can’t afford it either. I like your idea of raising the funds to do it. Good luck.

  2. If anyone ever sees anything with this url anywhere, please avoid it: interyield.jmp9. com/ followed by more stuff… It seems someone who has visited here may have a virus in their computer…

    In searching for why it is showing up in my click stats, I found this:

    This is actually a type of spam, and while not as popular as Comment or Email spam, Click (and also Referrer) spam is something you’ll encounter with any website.

    When a browser clicks a link to go elsewhere, our stats record the destination of that click in your Click stats. Unfortunately, there are many browser extensions and add-ons (as well as even more nefarious viruses) which can falsify the click record, leaving behind their “spam” Click record instead. The same is true for spam Referrers (where a Referrer is the site a visitor came from).

    This isn’t any infection on your own computer, and it’s not an ad from us, it’s just an infected visitor who is unaware that they’re leaving a false trail as they go about their daily browsing.

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