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Fragrance Decision Undermines EPA’s DfE Program

EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) Program (claims to) work “to reduce risk to people and the environment by finding ways to prevent pollution”, yet they recently began allowing DfE-endorsed products to contain fragrances.

Of the first 119 fragrance chemicals okayed for use, 93 have “hazard profile issues” such as being known sensitizers or lacking vital data!!!

“Researchers, pediatricians, and other health experts agree that “Scented chemicals increase risk that some per cent of exposed people will have allergic and hypersensitivity reactions. Allergic and asthmatic children are at especially high risk”

Those of us with MCS/ES, along with many others who now experience adverse or disabling health effects from fragrance chemicals rarely had them before being exposed to some supposedly safe petrochemicals (in everyday use) that tipped our bodies over an edge. For too many of us, it was from fragranced products that we first experienced and continue to experience chronic health problems.

So it is wonderful to see health experts formally urging the EPA to


No Fragrance

“Pediatricians and respiratory experts, including the American Lung Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, wrote to the EPA Administrator today raising concerns about the health impact of the recent decision of the US EPA’s Design for the Environment program to allow fragrances.”

it is standard environmental health practice to discourage the use of air fresheners, scented products, and fragrances in homes and other indoor spaces.

We were surprised and deeply disappointed to learn that the Agency’s Design for the Environment program (DfE) created a “fragrance” category of chemicals for commercial and consumer cleaning products. The vast majority of chemicals listed — 93 of the 119 total — have “hazard profile issues” because they are identified in one of
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