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Everyday Toxic Trespass

Women’s Voices for the Earth has a great page about toxic ingredients commonly found  in products women, men and children are exposed to on a regular basis, usually everyday, even when we try not to be. Check it out, get informed, and take action to protect you, your family and the planet that supports our lives.

 Skin Deep

Take Action via WVE

Mind the Store

 Sadly, our current regulatory systems do more to protect those who are polluting us, than to protect our health. I don’t know how we are going to change this without a massive outcry, but we CAN stop buying the products we learn are harmful to us and to future generations.

The Skin Deep website has information about thousands of personal care products and ingredients, WVE has recipes to make your own, and then some, and Mind the Store is successfully calling on retailers to stop selling toxic products. We have more power than we know, but only when we use it!