Breath-taking: An architectural answer to one homeowner’s severe allergies

Safe, medically required, non-toxic, EMF/EMR safe housing CAN be built. I linked to another article and the architect’s website in the 1st comment below.
“Because Barbara Tudhope has severe allergies and acute sensitivities to dust, pollen, electromagnetic radiation (EMF) and a long list of construction materials, the couple designed their home to foster an environment that doesn’t cause her any adverse reaction.

… “Almost all construction and renovation uses building materials that off-gas volatile organic compounds [VOCs], and contractors generally pay little attention to electrical and magnetic fields in the homes they build,” says Mr. Tudhope, a business writer. “But both can have serious acute and chronic health consequences for someone like Barbara, and, in truth, for almost anyone.”

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8 responses to “Breath-taking: An architectural answer to one homeowner’s severe allergies

    • :D

      Mine would be a bit different re interior decorating (I’d need to find safe, non-toxic, no VOC dyed textiles for the furniture, for example, as white furniture and I don’t get along well)… And I’m not a fan of beamed ceilings…

      But otherwise, beautiful! And to be able to breathe freely indoors and outdoors and have a view like that? Paradise!!!

  1. We need to find ways to make safe housing available and accessible to everyone who develops the medical need for it.

    At this point in time, there aren’t that many people with MCS/ES who could afford to build someplace like this.

    Many of us end up extremely disadvantaged, no longer being able to work or network, so safe, medically required, non-toxic housing can be unaffordable, leaving us unnecessarily disabled, when safe housing would allow us to function more or less normally…

    Let’s hope the need for non-toxic living becomes recognized and acted upon so that more suffering and disability can be prevented.

  2. It is wonderful the attempt is being made to build “safer” housing. I know when I built my house 12 years ago it is a tough go to have zero toxic chemicals.

    • Very tough! Materials need to be tested by the person who will be living there, before allowing them to be used too.

  3. One of the biggest downsides I see is all the wood. Many suffer from the terpenes in wood. It is, however, beautiful.

    • Safe housing can be unique to the individual…

      I live in safer housing that also has a lot of wood (I don’t remember if it is bass wood or poplar). Many people haven’t been able to tolerate these units due to the wood.

      I am fortunate that for the most part, I am ok with wood, altho too much pine, fresh cut pine, or on hot days when the pines outside are off-gassing, it can be like inhaling turpentine :-(

      However, as I heal from the toxic chemicals, my ability to tolerate naturally occurring VOCs and some soil mold has increased!

      It was only because of the synthetic petrochemical and oil based exposures (and some molds growing on man made materials) that damaged my body that I lost the ability to tolerate some of natural substances

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