Home Dental Extraction SUCCESS (#1)!

This is just a brief post to rejoice about the successful home extraction of a rear molar that was causing me unbearable problems.

The dentist who did this takes seriously his oath to “do no harm” and did not use it as an excuse to do nothing, like most dentists and doctors are prone to doing when they don’t want to change the way they do things to accommodate someone with disabilities.

He is fragrance-free to begin with, so it was (just) a matter of dealing with the 2nd and 3rd hand fragrance residues, as well as finding the safest anesthetic and ways to prepare materials, including having oxygen for me.

I’ll write more about all that later.

Everything went really well this afternoon (yes, he even came on a Sunday). I am in the process of recovering, but wanted to share this good news now, to let people know it IS possible to receive excellent, and appropriate care at home when a trained and compassionate professional decides they want to provide it.

I am so grateful, and wish that everyone can receive such good care.

Here’s a really crappy photo of the tooth taken with the laptop (my camera died a year ago). The tooth is resting on a 2″ square of gauze:

Picture 012


Can someone send the tooth fairy over?


27 responses to “Home Dental Extraction SUCCESS (#1)!

  1. Oooh, that tooth looked like it was ready to GO! So glad the extraction went well!

    • Yes, it was trying to get out by itself the past couple of weeks, but didn’t quite have enough get up and go… I’m so glad we got such excellent help to get it out!

  2. Linda: Excellent – I was wondering how your tooth issues were going to be resolved. All the best, Maie


    • Thanks Maie!
      I was wondering too if there would ever be a way…
      For 3 years I’ve had one obstacle after another and they just weren’t surmountable. I am so relieved and grateful this became possible.

  3. A compassionate and capable doctor willing to come to your home? I am awestruck! Good job back on you for advocating for yourself so well! My kids have always complained that our tooth fairy seems a bit cheaper than their friends but I will send her your way ASAP.

    • I had actually forgotten about this dentist (he had come 2 years ago and confirmed what I thought was going on in my mouth at the time). A dear online (mostly) friend who saw how much trouble I was having took it upon himself to make a few calls and managed to set up the look-see appointment. I had asked the dentist 2 years ago if he would consider doing a home extraction, and he really rather reluctantly said yes, but… and my previous experience with a dentist who was nervous about treating me didn’t go well, so I didn’t want to push it…
      But, with both of us having had 2 years to think about it, the dentist seemed a lot more comfortable with the task now, and his respectful questions regarding how to accommodate my needs made me sure I could trust him to do a good job! And he did! I already feel so much better today!
      I realized the Tooth Fairy actually sent me 3 donations to make the extraction possible… and since the tooth is so ugly she hasn’t returned to pick it up!

  4. Glad it went well. Hopefully your recovery will be quicker since you didn’t need to deal with a dentist office. You have shown that there are ways to accommodate for your MCS and that others are willing to accommodate you.

    • Accommodation is possible once people’s attitudes shift!
      I feel so much better today!
      I am impatient to get the other infected molar out!

  5. Great news :) I bet that will make a big difference to your general health! It’s so nice to hear that you’ve found someone that is so considerate of your MCS etc. and can even do ‘home extractions’ etc. for you. It just goes to show that persevering and not giving up is finally paying off. Good for you :)
    I’m truely HAPPY for you too!

  6. So happy it went well for you! I just recently found a dentist to work with….and started the long process of removing the metal fillings from my mouth.

  7. so glad you found a compassionate dentist and the problem molar is gone. yikes! i know it served you well for many years but, that’s one ugly tooth :/

  8. Thank you everyone <3

    That side of my head feels SO much better today, and I think 1/2 my brain fog is gone too…
    BUT …
    Now I can really feel the other side of my mouth (and head) which has another rear molar that has been on and off (mostly on) really infected since around Christmas…

    I can't wait to have the skin heal over this one so I can have the other one removed (at home) too! I have been as excited about this as most people are about parties and vacations!

    As far as getting the mercury out of my mouth, well, this is one way to do it :/

    Not sure how I'll be able to get my lower fillings changed, (those teeth seem pretty solid and aren't wiggling around like what is left of my uppers). I think that's a job that probably has to be done at a dental office due to the precautions required…
    Maybe one of these years some dentists will actually have really accessible offices and will accommodate our other needs as respectfully as this dentist has been accommodating my needs.
    And maybe by then I will have sufficient safe for me clothing that I could wear some out of the house…
    And the ability to test for and hopefully find some materials that I could get safe for me replacement teeth and a way to hold them in place so I'll be able to chew again someday…

    For now, I am just so relieved and happy that it has become possible to address these problem teeth in a way that doesn't cause 100 other exposure related problems for me.


  9. Hugs to that dentist for sure. Mine wouldn’t even try to make accommodations for me. Glad you’re feeling better. :D

  10. The extraction side of my mouth feels so great today!
    I feel a lot better too!
    I can’t wait to have the molar out from the other side, as I can really feel that one now!
    I remember the last dentist I saw in 2010 being incredulous that I had only felt pain from the tooth he extracted for a couple of weeks, because he said it looked like it had been seriously infected for months!
    I was in such bad shape all over then, that the brain fog was probably protecting me from feeling that pain on top of all the other pain I had :/

    Anyway, there’s a light at the end of this particular tunnel for me now…

    I hope and pray that all doctors and dentists receive that attitude adjustment that allows them to accommodate all people with disabilities in respectful and safe ways!

  11. I forgot to mention my sincere and deep gratitude to those who donated to make this possible, as there were costs involved that are not covered by the limited dental insurance I have.

  12. So happy the recovery is going well! I have never heard the words “I can’t wait” associated with dental work, so this guy must know his stuff.
    I don’t know what is up with that Tooth Fairy. Tooth Fairies are just not as reliable as they were when we were kids.

    • I’m thinking the tooth fairy had something to do with the prior donations I received to make this possible :-)

      When you’ve had long term dental misery that you couldn’t get addressed because all that was available to you would have subjected you to even worse misery, then finally being able to have it addressed with such minor (compared to everything else) inconvenience and cost is something akin to a once in a decade vacation!

      A vacation from pain and misery, I am so looking forward to more!

  13. Well it looks like those angels we’ve been praying for have been busy helping you out :) It’s so comforting to hear all these ‘good deeds’ happening and refreshening our spirits and our belief in the kindness and consideration of our friends and neighbours. It feels so ‘good’ to know that there are those who do really care and want to help us to get better, ever more so when our disability forces us to become so ‘isolated’ and ‘dependant’. My spirit celebrates this “great feeling” with you!
    God bless all you kind folk that made this happen :)

    • I am really grateful for the help and prayers :-)
      The extraction site is healing well.
      I can’t wait for it to be fully healed over so we can do it again on the other side!
      And once that is healed, then maybe the front tooth that has been in really bad shape for at least 3 years…
      At least now there is one less layer of infection, and my brain feels a little bit better too…
      Whoda thunk I’d be so happy to have so many of my teeth pulled out?

  14. Not so much about being happy to have your teeth pulled out as realizing that each tooth pulled will be one problem less for your tired body and immune system to deal with! :) I’m even more happy to hear that help and support found it’s way to you and lifted the clouds of doom for you so that you sound so happy now! :) A little TLC goes a long way!

    • Ha! Yes! Thank you! Each tooth pulled is one less problem for my body and brain to deal with! Makes it easier to think!

      Imagine all the suffering that would not be happening if I’d had safe-for-me accommodation earlier somewhere, the problems could have been prevented! And it’s not just me…

      I really need to look up all the research regarding glutathione issues and dental problems, as most people with MCS/ES also have glutathione issues…
      Actually, I wish someone else would do that research, I have enough on my plate with my own survival issues and hungry squirrels ;-)

  15. I’m so happy you could access appropriate care. Another woman, Amelia Hill, here in Australia had her tooth extracted this way, too. Both of you are incredibly brave!

    I had my Mercury removed by having a few teeth extracted. It was cheaper and I had infections and cavities, anyway. One healthy tooth had Mercury removed via extraction, so now there’s no Mercury (in my mouth) left. I’m not sure the Mercury removal made a difference but every time I’ve had an infection, my health has taken a big hit. I hope your health has improved by vast strides after this.

    It’s so lovely when people help others in the way this dentist helped you! Bless him 🙏

    • He did good! There ARE good people out and about in the world.

      My health has slowly improved, but I have other serious dental issues that aren’t easily addressed with what is (not) available to me…

      The cold weather helps, the special mold or who knows what that gives me brain fog in this area is all frozen now, so my brain is working a bit better generally, although still inconsistently.

      I am trying not to have another molar removed. I was going to have it removed as soon as the last extraction healed over, but it settled down and has been nice to have to chew with again (after 3 months of purees). Until last week when I made kale chips with some green kale that was mistakenly sent in my order. I had some that weren’t crisp enough and the attempted chewing did another number on that tooth, so it’s painful again if I have to chew anything harder than mush.

      I really wish there were mobile “safe” dental units that drove around to people who can’t go to get care the regular ways.

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