Video: Everyday Chemicals and Other Toxins Affect Brain Development

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Please watch this important and very well done new video by Dr. Bruce Lanphear, where he discusses chemicals and other toxins that affect brain development in children (and can cause MCS/ES symptoms in others) and what we need to do about it.

Little Things Matter: The Impact of Toxins on the Developing Brain

Here’s a longer video presentation by him from Autism Canada

Excavating Environmental Risk Factors for Autism: Suspects and Strategies

Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH, is a Clinician Scientist at the Child & Family Research Institute, BC Children’s Hospital and Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. His primary research goal is to help quantify and ultimately prevent disease and disability – like asthma, learning problems and ADHD – due to exposures to environmental contaminants and pollutants. Over the past decade, Dr. Lanphear has become increasingly vexed by our inability to control the “pandemic of consumption” – the largely preventable, worldwide epidemic of chronic disease and disability due to industrial pollutants, environmental contaminants and excess consumption. He is leading an effort to build an online Atlas of Environmental Health to enhance public understanding of how environmental influences impact human health.

11 responses to “Video: Everyday Chemicals and Other Toxins Affect Brain Development

  1. Good video! The first one … I haven’t watched the second. Scary! Yes, it would be nice if things were more like the EU!

    • The first one is excellent!
      The second one is more exploratory.
      I considered not including it, but it does have value for some people.

  2. Very informative. Now we need to get all our government officials to act on this info.

  3. Both are great ♡ so good to see how inspite of the ‘resistance to acknowledge’ how harmfull and fatal this cocktail of toxins that we are all being fed truely is, there are some very ‘real’ doctors and scientists who truely ‘care’ and bravely stand up for ‘the truth’ and our well-being ♡♡♡

    Things are not what they seem to you in EU. There are many laws and rights that are passed but not adhered to, too much corruption of government oficials and employees etc., too many lies and laundering and not enough inspection to assure laws and rights are not vulnerated and little or no punishment for offenders…. it’s easy to say you have rights but to exercise those rights is just about imposible and the situations vary alot depending on what country in the EU you are talking about. The truth is another story!
    Millions have been spent (taxpayers money) trying to detox a very contaminated Europe for a long time now. Maybe they don’t think America is contaminated enough yet or not enough damage has been done, or not enough profit made yet by poisoning everyone and everything, but we are more conscious now of the dangers and threats of polluting our environment and the cost (taxpayers money) of making the environment acceptable for life again so this should also be seen as a catastrophie that should not be repeated!

    • I’ve been reading about all the industry interference regarding endocrine disruptors. Maybe I should do a post with links to a few of those reports… We need more people speaking up for laws and policies that protect us instead of laws and policies that allow industry to pollute us.

  4. Haven’t watched the second one yet but the first video is wonderful! Statistics can be a little dry but instead they did an excellent job with the dynamic graphics so that the numbers really MEAN something. An alarming something!

    • The first one is the one really worth watching.
      They kept to really well known and indisputable evidence, and had some excellent design production help to do it.
      There are several big screen films out now that are dealing with these issues too, that I haven’t seen.
      The word HAS to get out there before everyone is turned into zombies …

  5. This stuff is so important!
    There are a few good (and readable) books about this – I like Slow Death By Rubber Duck!

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