Fragrance Free Environments and No Fragrance Spaces

Someone shared a very good PDF handout with me the other day, one that I had never seen before. It gently explains to people why there is a problem with fragrance, why people may need to avoid fragrances, that it is not the smell, it’s not personal, and a few other bits of helpful information  The resource links are old and could be updated (somehow), but it’s otherwise a great tool to share with people who don’t understand.

I can’t find a link to share it from elsewhere, so I am posting it here to make it easily available.

Fragrance-Free Environments and No-Fragrance Spaces (PDF)

Fragrance Free Environments and No Fragrance Spaces

The text image is copied below.

I’m unable to capture better quality screenshots, so apologies for the quality (it’s a bit fuzzy when you click on it to see it full size). To copy and paste the text messes up the formatting and would require energy to re-do it all. At least this gives an idea of what you will find in the PDF.

Fragrance Free Environments and No Fragrance Spaces

by Roberta K Rigsby, PhD 1996

Fragrance Free Environments and No Fragrance Spaces 3

Some of the points she elaborates on were briefly brought up in

It’s Not Personal, It’s The Chemicals


It’s Not Personal, It’s The Chemicals #2

 (Then 1996 – 2015 Now)

We’ve had more than enough people become disabled and develop other chronic health conditions from the chemicals used in fragranced laundry, personal care, cleaning, and other everyday products. Children are suffering too. Let’s demand non-toxic products from manufacturers, and regulations that put our health and well-being before private profits. They need to prohibit known or suspected harmful chemicals from being used in everyday products, and  ingredients that have not been tested for health effects should not be allowed in use until they are proven safe for everyone who breathes. Products that pollute people (and babies)  for private profit should not be allowed.

Not only that, but toxic chemicals in everyday products and materials are creating barriers to access. According to human rights laws, barriers to access must be removed and other methods utilized so that people with disabilities have equal access to everything.

The great news is that healthy indoor environments actually benefit everyone.

8 responses to “Fragrance Free Environments and No Fragrance Spaces

  1. Excellent resource thanks. :D

  2. Still living in isolation in 2015 sucks – ya we have human rights recognition but if your employer doesn’t have the insight or will for a fragrançe free workplace it is a long road….dismay with the lack of progress in Ottawa!

  3. in a perfect world, sure…but the reality is that it is getting worse. I’ve noticed that just in the past year the fragrance intrusion has only amped up. I left my dentist’s office recently and was spritz by fragrance apparently attached above the door. I’ve already complained about the plug-in devices in the waiting area and, worse, in the treatment room. Also, stores…I cannot shop in Target without smelling of their ‘signature’ fragrance. Same goes for Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, and others. I literally have to go home to change my close and wash my face and hair, if not fully shower. I hate public places anymore, such as movie theaters, restaurants, performance venues of any kind. This is horrible for me since I’m a very outgoing person and enjoy supporting music and art events. My backyard stinks from neighbors dryer vents. My husband and I mostly stay indoors with windows and doors closed since neighbors do laundry for hours on end, every day.

  4. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU! For keeping this available. I’ve found references to it, but couldn’t find it. I did find the link to your post doing a google search for the full title. Thank you again for keeping this available.
    I am living in an assisted living facility (for elderly and disabled persons) in USA. Everyone wears fragrance, some wear so much it can be smelled on the far side of the building. This brochure uses gentile language to inform people who know nothing about EI or fragrance sensitivity. It is the first thing that I have seen that I feel I can ask the Management of this facility to give to everyone – Residents AND staff…. Before having to try harsher approaches.

    • You are very welcome. When I was looking for it online and couldn’t find it, I decided to post the copy I’d saved many years ago.

      I’m sorry you can’t get a breath of clean air there. It’s getting harder and harder to find.
      And there are no accessible care residences for us now, so I wish you much success in getting changes made there <3

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