The Ontario Centre of Excellence in Environmental Health Has a Website

Recognition Inclusion and Equity  is the name of the new website for the OCEEH. Their comprehensive reports and other information about this much needed project can all be found there now. Please check it out and also “like” their facebook page if you are on facebook.

Why? From their website:


Our overarching goal is to achieve ‘recognition, inclusion and equity’ for people living with the often painful and disabling conditions of ES/MCS (environmental sensitivities/multiple chemical sensitivity), ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome) and FM (fibromyalgia).

At present, more than 568,000 patients with these conditions lack the normal rights, benefits, policies, programs and facilities that Ontario makes available to those with conditions of comparable severity and prevalence.  …



Recognition Inclusion and Equity

 The Ontario Centre of Excellence in Environmental Health (OCEEH)

4 responses to “The Ontario Centre of Excellence in Environmental Health Has a Website

  1. Wonderful news Linda! Thanks for all you do to keep us up to date. You are an inspiration.

  2. “Although recognition of these disabling conditions has been on the human rights commission’s books since 2007, it has not prompted the creation of health services, disability rights or social supports. As a result, the province has been spending over $150 million a year in inappropriate physician services and sufferers have still been left without care.”

    After the meeting Doherty commented, “The fact that Minister Hoskins, who is also a physician, has officially recognized and is acting on this business case proposal is an important step. This recognition moves us closer to inclusion and health equity for people with these conditions. Timely funding will be the litmus test of this commitment and we are hoping that the government will move rapidly through a final period of implementation very soon.”

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