Collage 1

 My first photo collage using found photos.

It is what it is. Now that I have figured out I can do this, I plan on doing more!

"collage 1" May 2015

“collage 1” May 2015

16 responses to “Collage 1

  1. You know I love pictures. So how did you do it? Lots of story in a little bit of space. <3

    • I still use the free PhotoScape program, and how many years later now (?) I am still discovering new things I can (attempt to) do with it! There are features I haven’t even looked at yet. I recently learned how to combine photos, but hadn’t realized that the “checker” option made THIS possible! It is so tempting to abandon words and just play with images now! I have wanted to make photo quilts for so many years (in my mind, this isn’t a true collage, it’s more a quilt than a collage)

      • I’m not familiar with that program but then I still write with a rock and chisel most of the time. :D Thanks for the info. Keep doing the quilts — I’m a very visual person and I like the story they tell.

        • PhotoScape is a free downloadable program, not one that you upload to a cloud (I know the words for that, kind of, that many free programs aren’t actually in your computer, but on their ____s and I prefer to keep it here until I am able to comprehend more about using those kinds of things)…

          I am discovering the quilt collages are a LOT harder to put together than one would think… I would prefer that the images could be moved around on the square itself, but no, I have to move them around from the straight line of them at the top of the page… and my monitor is small too… plus, I could use a pair of glasses made specially for my eyes… and….

          I will have to play for hours and hours and hours before I get the hang of moving them around and together and in ways I want to keep them…

  2. Love this quilt♡♡♡ Says so much ♡

  3. I love this. Your pictures tell a zillion words. 💪

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